Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sundays are my new "working run" days where I have a good dose of either interval work or tempo work. I got my run done early: 7.2 mi total with 3x1200m & 4x200m intervals. Hit the paces pretty well (3x1200m: 8:36, 8:31, 8:21; 4x200m: 8:07, 7:47, 7:43, 8:15). Target pace was 8:37 for 1200m and 8:10 for 200m. I was mainly worried about whether I'd be able to sustain an 8:30ish pace for the 0.75mi repeats. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't horrendously hard, either. Maybe I'll actually be able to keep up with this training plan.

After my run, Boyfriend and I attended a bowling fundraiser. I'm not a great bowler by any stretch of the imagination (if I break 100 I consider it a good game) but my team managed to win Best Scoring Team! I'd like to stress that there were many people at this event who considered it a good game to break 60. But it was definitely fun. My team even got trophies!

Boyfriend and I finished up Sunday with a trip to the pool. Thank you ShirleyPerly for the swimming cap tips! I managed to get the thing on today. I felt like my head had it's own flotation device. I guess all that hair created a ton of drag in the water. I still have to experiment to get a system for actual triathlons, though. Will definitely try the braid/bun trick. Got in 850 yds.

Mario is in the tail-end of a shed right now. It's funny how he seems to love me plucking loose fur off his head, but hates it when I try to do that to the rest of his body.

Bounty from his head yesterday


bunnygirl said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Tid was the same way about fur-plucking. Hated it. I suspect it's an instinctual thing.

I love the bunny-trophy pic! Yay for bowling buns!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles is not fond of the fur plucking either! When she's had enough, she grunts and runs!

I admire all of your training!

d. moll, said...

Chin that trophy, Mario.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on the trophy! If I could ever break 100 in bowling I'd be ecstatic.

Great to hear you got your swim done. Perhaps you had some extra air in your swim cap that made it feel like a buoy but I too suspect that the extra bulge that my hair creates slows me down some too. Oh well ... not cutting it really short like a lot of swimmers do. In fact, I shed a lot more than Mario and still seem to have lots of hair.

Runner Leana said...

Wow, fantastic run! Congrats on the bowling trophy too!

Amy-and-Fez said...

Looks like it's Mario's trophy now. He chinned it. Bunn rule.

Also, we nominated you for an award! Go forth to my blog to pick it up!

Runner Leana said...

Not sure if you've noticed or not, but you and I are listed under the "Favourite Blogs" on How neat is that?