Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Mario

Thrilling rabbit of mystery, champion of right, swoops out of the shadows...
Somewhere some villain schemes, but his number's up...Darkwing Rabbit!

This is the classic location for when Mario-likes-to-sit-on-things.  In my old studio the carrier was usually out and about since I had limited closet space to store things.  He always liked to sit on it.  I recently brought it down out of the closet as a deterrent for Mario who has taken a liking to biting up the walls.  He of course, still thinks it is his personal throne.  I've been perusing my photo archives for this Monday Mario thread and realized it could take months to finish up with all of the photos of Mario sitting on things (not to mention the fact that he keeps giving me new material).  Next week, I'll take a break to mix it up a bit.

Super thanks to our friend, Fez, for nominating us for the Brillante Weblog Award!  Mario highly approves and is very proud.  He will add it to his Disney medal and bowling trophy (which he did claim as his own).


d. moll, said...

Great caption, congrats on your award!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on the nomination!

That Mario is so cute too.

Casey and Crysti said...