Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Yesterday I was a bum and skipped my morning run.  I have another week and a half before I'm back in training mode so thought I'd get in another rest day (really I was more after that extra hour and a half of sleep).  My shin was also tweaking during my 16 mile run two days before.  But really, I was just being a B-U-M.

Today I ran eight miles, enjoying all the people watching that July 4th brought.  Golden Gate Park was really alive with BBQ's, volleyball games, and enjoyably--lots of other runners.  I mix up my running venues every day, but generally do not run in the park during the weekend.  During the week when I'm most likely to do a run in the park, there usually aren't a ton of other runners. It's a strange thing for me since I'm so used to running in Central Park in the past.  A very slow day in Central Park runner-wise is probably equivalent to a busy day in Golden Gate Park.

Speaking of NYC, Boyfriend is currently in the Big Apple.  He stopped by JackRabbit for me and reported that it was closed for the holiday.  He also said there is a stack of the $1 reusable shopping bags I previously mentioned in the window.  Noooooo!  We're not sure if they're going to be open again on a day he's still in the city.  Sniff.

Thanks for all of the socks comments.  I have come to the conclusion that either 1) In some sort of absent-minded moment I threw the socks into the garbage can instead of the hamper, or 2) Someone is stalking my socks and stealing them out of the washing machine for the pure pleasure of messing with my mind.  I'm not sure which scenario is more worrisome or realistic.

I'm hoping to catch a fireworks show tonight with my parents.  Years ago I spent my last undergraduate year in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I returned home shortly before July.  I went to a fireworks show with some friends that summer and when I heard the "Star Spangled Banner," realized just how much I had missed the United States.  It felt good to be home.  Happy Birthday, USA!

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