Friday, July 18, 2008

First Tri Training Week

Well, the first week of training is in the books. I survived! To recap since my last entry:

Tuesday: I ran 6 miles with 6x100 strides and then swam 600 yds. It's amazing how much more comfortable I felt in the water. Hopefully it can only continue to keep getting better. I'm working on decreasing my rest time between laps so that soon I can do the prescribed distance continuously. My plan called for 200 yds, but after paying $4.00 for the visit and because I was enjoying myself in the pool I kept going. I do and have always, sucked at treading water. It totally drains me and I don't think I could do it for more than 30 seconds. So every swim session I stop in the deep end and tread water. Can't do open water swims if I can't do this!

I had gotten a silicone swim cap to use because my hair gets out of control and falls into my face when I try to breathe. But after playing around with it, I didn't take it with me. The thing is so hard to get on! I have below shoulder-length hair and a lot of it (hairdressers are always making remarks about how much hair I have). It's almost impossible to get it in the cap. I don't even see how I can wear something like this in a triathlon because when I take it off my hair is all out of the ponytail and a total mess. I'll definitely have to take the time to redo the ponytail before the bike which I'd rather not have to mess with. I have to perfect some sort of technique to get this thing on before I use it in public.

Wednesday: Rest!

Thursday: I had set my alarm planning to get a quick 3 mile run in before work. I got up on my own 5 minutes before my alarm went off (I've heard this is a good thing. You should be getting up without an alarm clock). A normal person would have popped out of bed. Not me. I was so upset I had been robbed out of the last 5 minutes of sleep that I reset my alarm and missed my run. Luckily Boyfriend agreed to accompany me for an easy 3 miler when we got home from work.

Friday: Today I ran 10 miles in the morning and then biked 5 miles on the trainer in the late afternoon. I almost feel like I get a better workout on the trainer because I have to continuously pedal. When I'm outdoors I coast a lot more.

I gave Mario a mani and a pedi the other day. He doesn't like it, but he's generally a good sport about it. What cute feet!


ShirleyPerly said...

Great to hear your now training for tris!

I too have long, thick hair and have struggled with getting it into my swim cap and then later racing with it wet. The only way that works for me is to put it in a low ponytail (so it clears my bike helmet), then make two braids and secure them into a bun (so it's easier to get the hair into the swim cap and also nothing wet on my neck after the swim). I also use a hairnet secured by a ponytail holder to make sure nothing comes loose after I pull off the swim cap.

As for how I put on my swim cap, I put it on my forehead first and then stretch it over the bun in back; putting it on the bun first usually does not stay on me for long. And I find silicon caps are easier to put on/take off than the latex ones you'll get at races because the latex sticks to my hair more.

I hope this helps or gives you some ideas at least.

d. moll, said...

Not being a "tri" I was completely unaware of the problems you could have with your hair, as if just training and competing were not enough! Mario has very cute feet, Tyler and Sydney got the same treatment just a couple days ago as well, and they were pretty good too.

Amy-and-Fez said...

Definitely some cute toesies there! Reading your post made me feel tired enough that I don't want to work out all week! How do you do it?

- Amy

Runner Leana said...

Oh, yes....silicone swim caps are fantastic. I've seen some that accomodate longer hair, which might help you in training, but not at the race when they want you to wear the swim cap provided.