Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recap

The parents are on a plane back to Hawaii so it's time to catch up on the weekend.  First off, we never made it to the fireworks show.  We were watching the news and they reported that the fog was rolling in and that visibility would be pretty poor for the show.  I wasn't much looking forward to driving in and looking for a parking spot and my mom didn't want to go and just watch the fog light up in different colors.  So we decided to nix the fireworks and went out for a yummy Turkish dinner instead.  We did catch the San Jose fireworks live on television when we got home. We turned off the lights and felt like we were there.  In fact, if not for the "Live" declaration in the lower left of the above picture, I'd bet you'd have believed I was there!

On Saturday I was able to meet up with my bunny/tri friend, RV, visiting from NYC.  We went for a nice run at Crissy Field.  I know he lurks on this blog so "Hello!"  It was really nice to catch up.  He gave me some good pointers for my gulp open water swim in September.

On Sunday I took my parents to Tiburon for brunch.  I was told a restaurant there had a "view to die for" of the city.  Of course, it was foggy yet again and all we saw was this:

That's the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge on the right-hand side.

Luckily the food was awesome (Fresh Dungeness Crab & Jack Cheese Omelette, anyone?).  Yum.

After that we went to the Fillmore Jazz Festival.  My dad is a jazz fan so it worked out great he was here for the festival.  It was a pretty small street fair by NYC standards, but the music was great.  The weather was also very nice.  I guess there is such a thing as a San Francisco summer!

Yesterday I got a 5 mile run in and then we headed over the bridge to Muir Woods.  I took my parents on the 2 mile stroll loop Boyfriend and I did a couple of months ago.  It was quite a bit more crowded than it was the last time I was there.  Luckily the crowds thinned out when we escaped from the main pathway onto the Hillside Trail.

Beautiful redwoods...Shame to think of all the fires out there right now

The air quality is deteriorating again and yesterday I had a hard time out on my run.  Today I wanted to get in 8 or so miles.  The Bay Area is about to be swallowed by a heat wave and the air quality is also supposed to be pretty poor the next few days.  I was worried about being able to get the miles finished.  Today was one of those days when I woke up looking forward to my run.  I got an early start and the air quality felt better than yesterday (despite having a worse rating) and the temperature was also still pleasant.  I got a very nice 8.3 mile run done.  Tomorrow's a rest day so I'm hoping the one-two punch of heat and bad air will peak tomorrow and start clearing out quickly.

side-note:  I am watching a time trial on the Tour de France right now.  Holy cow!  These guys can R-I-D-E!  They're showing a guy in a car following his rider and he's talking to him on a ear-bud, I think.  It's like your own personal mantra-man!  I need one of those for my next marathon.  He says stuff like:  "Come on Dave, push it, let the pain settle in...You're almost to the flat then you're going to crush it on the next hill...I need you to breathe a little here so you can really push it hard up the next hill....Last kilometer...Come on!  Everything you've got!  Leave it on the road!"

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