Friday, December 11, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas (sort of)

Today is the best day ever.

In a few short hours I will be:
1) Flying home to Hawaii
2) Seeing my parents
3) Eating a huge lunch of yummy Hawaiian food
4) Going to a marathon race expo
5) Helping my mom decorate my childhood home for Christmas

Sounds like the perfect day, yes?

So this Sunday I've got a little something called the Honolulu Marathon planned. I was so focused on CIM it didn't really hit me until two days ago. Then I got all panicked because I don't really think my legs want to run 26.2 more miles. Also, last time I checked the weather it was going to be a low of 70, high of 81. That is also known as "World's Most Miserable Marathon Weather" for me. Ugh.

I've got a couple of goals going into this race which I'd like to elaborate on here:
1) DO NOT GET INJURED -- I have the Walt Disney races coming up which mean far more to me than completing back to back marathons. The Disney races are more important than finishing Honolulu with any "runner" dignity. I will turn this into a 26.2 mile walk-fest if I must.
2) Have lots of fun!
3) Take a lot of pictures

Hmm... Talk about a complete 180 from CIM (in both goals and weather)!

I tried to go on a 2 mile recovery run yesterday. I got 0.3 miles before I had to stop. My left hamstring was super tight, started to burn, and then a shooting, radiating pain traveled up my inner leg to my groin. Not pleasant. It was not the kind of pain you can keep running through. I've got 48 more hours of rest and stretching planned and I hope I can get to the point I can run a little. I do not have the muscles to walk for 26.2 miles and that would be a very unpleasant way to spend my Sunday. I don't mind dealing with fatigue of the legs, but not being able to run at all would really put a damper on this race. I feel better this morning than I did yesterday but will keep monitoring it and would be willing to pull a DNS if necessary.

Packing procrastinator that I am, I don't think there will be a Monday Mario next week (or any more updates 'til I return). But I'll hopefully be back with a Wednesday Wabbit!

Thank you, everyone, for you nice words about CIM! I am still a bit in shock and awe about how that day turned out.


Kristen said...

Have an amazing time in Hawaii, especially with your family!! You have a great attitude towards the marathon - just go with how you feel and enjoy the scenery. Your so hard core with the back to back marathons!

Are you doing the goofy challenge too?

Congrats again on an awesome CIM finish!

Marlene said...

Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii and good luck this weekend! (You crazy running maniac.... ;) )

bunnygirl said...

Have a great trip and get a massage! Relax and take it slow on Sunday, and you'll be fine.

Who's taking care of Mario?

Lisa said...

I hope you get some rest and are able to run on Sunday. Have a fun race and a fantastic trip home!

cliff said...

hawaiian food = spam! everyone knows that. they sell spam and hot dog sandwiches there.

the good thing about hawaii and the weather is, you have the option of skipping the marathon and going to the beach.

if it were me, i would kill 2 birds w/ one stone: have a spam sandwich while sunning at the beach. yah?

have fun!

Nicole said...

have an amazing time in hawaii! i'm sooo jealous right now! i even feel like running another marathon would be fun- however i bet those feelings woud subside after about 2miles! haha! best of luck,& i cant wait to see how you do!!! be safe!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

No pulled muscles!

And yes ... where will Mario be? And HOW will he be? Will he be "speaking" to you upon return?

Mica said...

My fingers are crossed for your safe arrival in Hawaii and a successful Honolulu marathon!

(I'm so jealous still that you're from HI. I bet it's so beautiful. I need some tropical scenery to cheer me up right now!)

What's happening to Mr. Mario? Is he coming too?

Alisa said...

Have fun while you're there!

I'll be tracking the walk-fest if that's what it ends up being. Be nice to those leggies!

X-Country2 said...

Hawaii! Jealous. Can't wait to read how it went.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope you enjoyed your time back in Hawaii. Definitely when running marathons close together every one cannot be a PR. I too would have a hard time walking a marathon, though. Hope Honolulu went OK!