Thursday, September 11, 2008

I HEART JackRabbit

My most favoritest, bestest running store  EVER  came through again.  JackRabbit!!

My original white JackRabbit hat which has been basically everywhere with me has started to show signs of wear.  The fabric is thinning on the brim and any day now it will burst into a gaping, non-fixable hole.  I was so sad about this, the hat went from being my favorite, most used hat to sitting in the closet and making appearances for races only.

Boyfriend went to NYC in July but of course went by the store on July 4th, the biggest National holiday in the U.S.  So I mourned the loss of a chance to replace my hat.

Well, JackRabbit came through and mailed me, at no charge, a new white hat, a yellow hat, and two of their reusable shopping bags!  They even gave me a 10% discount which I'm not sure is usual and customary (they used to give repeat customers 10% off on shoes, but I can't remember if it extended to "stuff.").  So I'm good to go on JackRabbit gear for another few years.  I'm bummed I'm missing out on chances to buy JackRabbit apparel, but I guess it will give me a reason to get back to NYC sometime.

I was planning to go running for the first time since the DL Half tomorrow.  I've got about 3.5 weeks to get back up to 13.1 mi training run form for the San Jose Half.  I'm planning on taking it slowly (no sudden ramping like I had to do for DL) and hopefully things will be okay with my shin.  I can bounce up and down on my left leg with no pain which is supposed to be the test to start running again.  I miss running so much.

My sister and her husband are flying into San Francisco from Chicago to visit for the weekend so things will be a little hectic around here.  I believe their plane is landing in...Oh, 8 minutes.  Guess I'd better go and get things ready!!  You can imagine with my own two recent trips the last two weekends, this all feels sort of sudden for me!


bunnygirl said...

Oh, I want a JackRabbit cap now!!! They really need to make that stuff available for purchase online!

*aron* said...

how perfect is that geat for you :)

you are bussssssssssssy!!! have a great weekend with your sister!

i am doing the san jose half too! maybe i will see you there!

RoadBunner said...

bunnygirl, we have to write and say, "The contingency of rabbit owning runners would LOVE it if you made JackRabbit apparel available world-wide."

aron, I'll be there probably sporting a skirt and JackRabbit hat!! Boyfriend is also running and since my parents will be in town visiting it is the FIRST real road race they'll ever be attending to watch me at.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Those Chicago visitors won't go home ....

furrybutts said...

I love the Jack Rabbit stuff!! I want the white cap! The bunny logo is sooo cute!!

Have fun with your sister and brother-in-law :D