Monday, September 15, 2008

Playing Tourist & Tri Training

Another weekend gone!  My sister and her husband are now safely back in Chicago and I can start to settle back into "normal" life after three hectic weeks.  We did a bit of sightseeing while they were here:

Golden Gate Bridge

Coit Tower

Lombard Street

In Japantown I took a picture for Mario's international education:

Boyfriend also bought a Japanese electrolyte drink called, Pocari Sweat.  Sounds so appetizing:

I managed to swim 1500 yds today.  I only have two more visits to the pool until the triathlon.  I've been trying to practice sighting and lifting my head out of the water to see where I am going.  When you're in the pool you can stare at the ground and follow the black line.  I have a feeling that the murky, parasite-infested, lake of death the triathlon is sure to take place at will be sans helper-line.  I have no idea how I am going to swim straight because every time I lift my head, my body sinks and I start flailing around and choking on water.  I also got on my bike today.  Poor Ferdinand had a layer of dust on him.  I know.  Shameful.  But we reconciled and plan to spend more time together in the coming weeks.

You may be wondering about my running update.  Well, I didn't make it out for a run this weekend.  Long walks across bridges & up and down hills, yes.  But no runs.  And I consider this a good thing.  My leg feels 100% healed.  I can walk on it.  I can jump on it.  I can put high amounts of pressure on the area that used to be tender with no pain response (admittedly, the last time I resumed running before the DL Half, I failed at this third test).  The only thing I'm not quite sure of is whether or not I can run on it.  I intend to find out tomorrow.


The Bunns said...

We await Mario by the fire!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pocari Sweat! I saw it when I was in Japan, but none of us tried it, lol.. Mostly because of the very enticing name! Did BF like it?

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, a beautiful blue sky day in S.F.! That Pocari Sweat drink is weird, though. Did anyone try it?

d. moll, said...

Sounds like you are really looking forward to the swimming; not. Hope your shins are better :0)

losangelesdaze said...

I love Pocari Sweat! It is better than Gatorade in replenishing electrolytes and such (at least I feel it is). I always had one after horseback riding, soccer, softball, touch rugby...the list goes on, and I found that it made me feel better rather instantly. Given how hot and humid it used to be in Jakarta.

You should try it!

*aron* said...

i love getting to be a "tourist" in the city sometimes :)

good luck on the tri training!! you will do awesome!

RoadBunner said...

BF actually first tried Pocari Sweat when he visited Japan a few years ago. He loves it. I didn't try it but now wish I had after LA Daze's endorsement.