Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Mario

I should mention that I got the idea for "Monday Mario" from Cinnamon of Disapproving Rabbits. A plethora of rabbits guest star every day (Mario once, included) but on Sunday it's all about Cinnamon. I thought it would be fun at least once a week to reference something related to bunnies, Mario, or Mario-approved. So since "M" is for "Mario," here you go...

My aunt gave me this magnet as a Christmas stocking stuffer a couple of years ago. If you own a rabbit you'll immediately see the humor. Bunnies poop a lot (hay has a lot of roughage!). I don't know if Mario appreciates the humor (or the fact I've put a bootie picture of him up) but it's now his magnet on his cage.

I had a very enjoyable 7 mile run today. I had wanted to keep to a 10:30 pace but even when trying to hold back managed to finish with a 10:00 pace. I guess I really suck at pacing. It also marks the maiden voyage of solo running skirt outings. I've had a great running skirt from for a while now, but have thus far only taken it out when Boyfriend was accompanying me out on the run. When you're not used to it, it's a nice security blanket to have someone to make sure it isn't flapping up while you're running. I've never had any such mishaps so today decided, "Why not?" They're super cute and super comfy. I've got a second one on the way and plan to start wearing them more.

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