Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Mario

I just found this at Mahar Drygoods and totally want to buy it to put up in the apartment.  The detail has little bunnies as cherry blossoms!  Mario gives it a stamp of approval.  If you go to the page, at the bottom they have another wave print which is also really nice.

I was able to run 5 miles today without having to take any walking breaks.  I felt pretty sluggish so am still in the midst of this strange lethargic funk, but I'm hoping I'm on my way up from here.  The way I've been feeling the last two weeks, I'm almost compelled to go see a doctor.  I've been sleeping 9 hours a night, sometimes with a nap during the day, and still feel tired.  For a little bit I thought I might be overtraining, but I've cut way back for two weeks and still felt off this past Friday.  Fingers crossed...

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bunnygirl said...

That's adorable! Thanks for the link!