Friday, July 30, 2010

Medal Envy

Marlene posted a while back about her medals. It's a little late, but I finally got photos of the kids.

For years and years I threw all my medals into this tin container:

It is pretty much at capacity at the moment.

While I loved getting medals I never really displayed them after the race was over.

Okay, that isn't entirely true. For a few years I've had my first marathon medal in a frame:

A year ago I got some frames and put three medals up above my bed like a headboard. It was nice to choose three to go on display. I picked these three for various reasons:

1) CIM 2009 -- My PR marathon so a no brainer. Hopefully it is willing to give up it's spot one day :) Actually, before CIM my 2008 Napa Valley Marathon was originally in the frame since when I put the frames together that was my current PR marathon.

2) Goofy 2008 medal -- I think this medal represents getting something done that I thought was really difficult to achieve. While I've certainly one-upped the accomplishment, as I've mentioned before the pride never quite equalled that first Goofy experience.

3) Safaricom 2006 -- I traveled to Kenya solo (though with a tour group) to complete this marathon. Going to Kenya was one of the most amazing experiences on so many different levels. I really view this marathon as a good example of how running has incredibly affected my life.

I've seen photos of people who hang their medals from a curtain rod. I don't have any curtain rods above my windows. But who says I couldn't go buy one just for the medals?

Only $8ish from Ikea!
I currently have hanging from the rod all the medals I've earned in 2010.

I had more post-race soreness after SFM than most of the marathons this year. But I did get out for two more runs this week:

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 10:06 pace

Friday: 8 miles @ 10:25 pace; My legs felt really good and I'm hoping I can get back on my schedule next week.


Layla said...

Oooh, good idea with the curtain rod! And I really like how the framed medals turned out. I need to figure out something better than having mine sit all over my bookcase, so I will add these to my mental idea list!

abbi said...

Great display! I love it!

Mel said...

Nice display!! Love your blog, give Mario a kiss for me :)

Any advice for a newbie trying to train for a marathon?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Uh - ya surely notice the rod is full? Hee Hee

Mel ... go read all her back posts - that will get you there just right!

EndorphinBuzz said...

That is a lot of medals. Awesome.

Mel said...

Thanks RG!

the dawn said...

wow, this is by far my favorite medal display. you have such a unique collection and display them perfectly! said...

I love the display!!! :) SUPER cute!

Tara said...

LOVE it!!!! that looks so awesome!

Alisa said...

Curtain rod! Such a GOOD idea! I'm so copying you! We had some up at our old place but we don't need them in the house but we kept the rod...totally doing this!

Julianne said...

Omg can you cover over and help me with my medals?? I love the makeover!!!!

Virtuous said...

Very nice way to sport your hardware! I am going to have to keep it in mind when I start building to my collection

Yan Kah Luke said...

yooo......this is my favorite hanging medal display. you have such a unique collection and display them perfectly!