Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Almost Normal

Sunday: 4.6 miles @ 18:53 pace; These stats are not entirely accurate as Garmin didn't have the best signal lock & I left the time running while standing around. I ventured out on some trails with friends for the first time! Lots of fun! We were going to try to run part of the Dipsea trail, but had to take a detour since the trail was closed (none of us was trail-wise enough to know how to bypass the closed portion). The trail starts with three flights of stairs (which we were lucky enough to get to run up) that gets you sucking for oxygen & your heart-rate up like no tempo run can. Some parts of the trail was runnable and others not so much for this trail-newbie. I am highly paranoid about twisting an ankle. I do hope to get out onto the trails more!

One of the more runnable sections.

Tuesday: 8 miles including 6 miles @ 8:53 pace; After having to give up on my tempo run last week, I was definitely a little nervous going into this. As I started off, I told myself I wouldn't worry so much about the actual pace, but wanted to keep up a tempo-effort for the full six miles. It actually went pretty good and I had a split down in the 8:30's. Still not quite where I was a few weeks ago, but I'm getting back there.

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 10:27 pace; That semi-zip-in-my-step-again got zip zapped out Tuesday. Dead, dead legs. I would have walked a bit except I ran before work and if I had given in I wouldn't have made it out to work on time.

Friday: 18 miles @ 10:36 pace; Another run I was dreading after last week's sad long run attempt. Can't say this one went great, but it was definitely better than last week's. It has been a long time since I've been on a schedule and had to do long runs every week. Can't say I missed them terribly. I have 20 on my plate for next week. Haven't done one of those since November 2009! I've obviously run 20+ miles many times this year, but training runs are real mental slogs.

I am going to try to get better at posting these weekly recaps on Fridays instead of the week after. Mario will not stand to have the thunder stolen from his hard-fought newly sprouted fur spurs.

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback regarding my marathon decisions. I was leaning towards signing up for Goofy (and as Dawn pointed out I can always pull out of the half if that seems to be the smarter move). I know once I get there and I see everyone Goofy-ing it up, I'd be insanely sad and jealous I didn't sign up, too. And Alisa, I may just take you up on your offer to be your halfie friend! I am still a teensy bit undecided about the October races. I am glad to hear all of you think one week won't make or break anything. I will be traveling to Portland and Eureka in October and have to admit that the running isn't wearing me down this year so much as all the traveling. So still some thinking to do on that.


Marlene said...

Great job on your training for the week! The trails sound like fun but they also make me nervous of injury! It's a nice way to mix things up, though.

Good luck on the 20-miler... amazing how it can seem daunting after all those marathons, but it's so different heading out there without a finish line to run toward!

Mica said...

Your trail sounds fun, though the steps-section sounds terrible.

And great job on your tempo run. Nothing freaks me out like a long tempo, so good for you for getting out and doin' it!s

Southbaygirl said...

almost normal??? You are a running machine!!!

I will have to come up north and run trails with you sometime...of course I finally will get to meet you in SF!! YEAH!!!!

Southbaygirl said...
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Alisa said...

ooooooh halfsie buddies, that'd be totally awesome. I plan to take it nice and easy and take lots of pictures!

Justin has to run 25 miles this weekend as training for his ultra! Crazy talk!

Tara said...

That's me :) Had fun hitting up the trails and hopefully we can do more trail runs after I am not full on tri training! Great job on getting your long runs done! I am worried about all the long runs I will be doing soon when I start training for Chicago...I haven't ran a 20 in SO long!:-/

Marathon Maritza said...

yay fun fun! I like that you were able to get that pic but also...it just gives away how far behind (i.e. slow) I was! LOL!

Great job on your miles, girl! Go go go!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Ah - Mill VAlley and the Dipsea. I know those steps and a bit of the trails. #3 daughter lives there and runs those trails too. How beautiful and a workout.

I still think you do - maybe once a week - about 6 or 7 miles where you run a half mile as fast as you can and then the 2nd half mile real slow to recover. I think in about a month you will see your distance pace drop by many seconds. A sub - 4 hr Marathon!

Lucky gets those classy spats too!

Runner Leana said...

Well, I think you should definitely do Goofy!

Well really, it all depends on how you want to prioritize your races. You can definitely sign up for Goofy and not run the half if you don't want to. Totally your call! Regardless, I'm still looking forward to finally meeting you in January!!