Friday, April 16, 2010

Remembering What Training is Like

Sunday: US Half Marathon (report to follow)

Tuesday: 9 miles @ 10:06 pace

Wednesday: 10 miles @ 10:17 pace; Can't even remember the last time I woke up before work to run this far. I could definitely feel the prior day's miles in the beginning of the run but my legs felt pretty decent at the end.

Thursday: 0.5 miles in VFF's; Still keeping up with this. I should probably run in them twice a week, but so far am hanging on to my one run. I think the thing I like most about running in my VFF's is that I get to stop after only 0.5 miles and still feel like I accomplished something!

Friday: 12 miles @ 10:13 pace; Legs felt "blah" the entire run. Don't know how I didn't stop to walk up some of the Golden Gate Park inclines. But I got it done.

That's 44.6 miles for the week which believe it or not is the highest weekly mileage I've done so far in 2010. No wonder the 12 miler was a real drag. Actually looking forward to the next three weeks when I can be "lazy" again (taper then two marathon weeks).

For those of you in the U.S., hope tax season was not too painful.

I shot this on the LA Marathon course

Mario "helping" with the taxes


the dawn said...

Good work getting those runs in! Very impressive that you did 10 miles before work. I'm pretty sure I'm not capable of that. I'm lucky when I get my 3 or 4 miles in early.

So, since this is your highest mileage week with all the marathons that you're doing...what do you normally average a week? Do you have a training schedule that you're following, or are you just running each race as a training for the next one coming?

I love following you on this high-volume marathon journey! Good work and keep it up.

bunnygirl said...

Your Mario is a guero, so how appropriate that he's helping with your taxes!

Regarding the Texas Marathon, it's a definite maybe. I had been planning to do Houston Chevron because 2011 would be my 10-year anniversary, and I don't think I could do Kingwood and Houston Chevron two weeks apart like that. I'm crazy enough to consider it, though. You and I have a pretty similar pace, so we could probably stick together for the whole Kingwood run unless you plan to race it for time.

I'm in the process of buying a house, so I'm trying to stay off my credit cards for a few weeks, but remind me again about the Marathon when you see my blog post about my house closing. :-)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mario - making a few deductions!

X-Country2 said...

I'm pretty sure "my bunny ate it" would qualify you for an extension. Hang onto him.

Mica said...

Man, will Mario do my taxes too? Take that, IRS!

Wow, 44 miles in a week. I haven't thought about that weekly mileage in a looong time.

bunnygirl said...

While it's on my mind, I've had my eye on this marathon ever since I went to Big Bend last summer:

I suspect it's a tough race, being so small, out there in the middle of nowhere with very little spectator support. It could also be very zen, though. Follow up with hot springs at Big Bend and maybe a desert hike the next day. Or mountains, body willing. Big Bend is a huge park with a lot of different terrains and hiking trails of any level of ease or difficulty one could want.

If you're intrigued, I'll keep you in the loop if I sign up this year. I almost did it last year, but work interfered.

EndorphinBuzz said...

Good work squeezing the miles in. Mario is funny eating your taxes : -)

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay training! Sounds like it's going well and I saw it for my very own eyes this weekend! :)

I laughed at the pic of Mario helping with cute!

Marlene said...

Nice work on all the runs. Funny to read "lazy" and "marathon" in the same sentence. :p

Kristen said...

Good boy Mario - eat those taxes! :) Too cute!

So good to meet up and run with you this past weekend. Hope it isn't too long until the next time.

Alisa said...

LOL! Go Mario go.

Wow, I'm shocked that's the highest mileage you've done with all the crazy marathoning you have done in the last few months.

Really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!!!