Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cheese Out!

This Saturday I'll be running the Wisconsin Marathon. Do you want to know how the Wisconsin Marathon tempted me onto a plane to fly to the Midwest for their race?

With this:
And I had a $5 coupon code. Oh yes, I am that easy.
Yanked from the Wisconsin Marathon Facebook page.
If you remember, I hate milk, but I love me some cheese.

They also have a "Cheese Corral" where anyone with cheese-themed apparel can join other cheesy people to start the race. I read this and had to get into that corral. I couldn't quite commit to a proper cheesehead so got a little cheesehead pin to put on my hat. I also found a little stuffed McDonalds Happy Meal mouse (c. "Babe" era mid 1990's) that I am going to try to affix to my hat, too (my mom thought this might offend the cheese-loving people of Wisconsin, but I'm thinking it is kind of cute). Finally, I plan on rocking some super cheesy colored running attire.

I am between these two outfits...
Outfit A:

Outfit B:

Outfit A is super cheesy. Yellow and orange. Does it get any better than that? But I haven't run more than 13 miles in shorts in a long, long time. Outfit B is a little more functional since I love my Atalanta skirts for marathons (and I still have the orange shorts underneath). The skirt pockets are awesome to stuff my bloks and even camera into. I haven't decided yet if I want to run with my camera this weekend but it would certainly be easier with the skirt. Running in Outfit A means I'll have to wear a belt of some kind (put up with one at Big Sur and am sort of over it for the moment). Outfit B will let me run with no belt and just my handheld bottle (my preferred way to fly).

I asked Boyfriend and he simply said to go with Outfit A. "Cheese out!" he said.

I have to admit I sort of agree. I'm taking both options with me and will decide for sure tomorrow. Either way, the medal is the pièce de résistance of the whole get-up. That alone will drive me to the finish.

This is my third back-to-back marathon weeks attempt and at a 6 day interval this is the shortest amount of time between marathons yet. I ran 3 miles today and my legs felt pretty good. I am going to try to run Wisconsin as well as I can and am hoping to come in fairly close to my Big Sur time. It is supposedly a flat course which will be a nice change of pace.


EndorphinBuzz said...

Go all out on the cheese! If you don't take pictures during the race, please have someone take your picture in the outfit :)

Good luck, you'll do well I am sure!

Marci said...

I like B, but both are cute (and cheesy!!). Have a great race!!

Marlene said...

Love the cheese-theme! How fun will that be? Go with outfit 1!!

the dawn said...

OOOO, that's super close to me! I would totally come cheer you on, if the Mr. and I didn't already make plans in Chicago for tomorrow....LAME!

Good luck on your marathon #567,208! Or whatever number this actually is...

I'm excited to see your full collection of medals at the end of this "year of the marathon". You are going to have such a superior mix!

As for the outfits: I go for comfort over color, but that's just me...

Hef's Mom said...

Ick, belt! I say outfit two, comfort first! Bring back some cheese and try beer cheese soup!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We'd go for comfort and choose number 2. Good luck and have fun!

bunnygirl said...

I run in shorts all the time, so unless the shorts don't fit properly, I say go with A. But the most important thing is to just have fun, and it looks like you're ready to do just that!

d. moll, said...

I say let Mario pick.

Sarah Woulfin said...

I hope they have plenty of cheese for post-race food! The cheese-pin is terrific!

Good luck with this marathon....You can do it :)

aron said...

omgosh this is going to be hilarious - i think you need the camera for all the cheese stuff you will see :)

love both the outfits!! i really like #1 :) but i definitely would go with what is more comfortable.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Whaaat - all the way to Visconsin for their Waaaay over rated cheese when you have that Cowgirl Creamery right up across the bridge in Marin?? (Now - beer and brats - that is a DIFFERENT story!)

Outfit 2 (The guys will appreciate it!)

Can't remember the elevation of Kenosha. You are used to running pretty near sea level. If it has much elevation it might be tough.

One year we lived in Sedona at 3500 feet and ran a lot of hilly trails. Went to Coos Bay, Oregon for a race - sea level, and man could I run!!!! 'Course we also went up to Flagstaff (5,200 feet) for a race and dragged butt badly!

Good luck - bet you surprise yourself nicely.

RBR said...

That medal would have totally wooed me as well! I hope you had a great run and I can't wait to read all about it!

RBR said...

Oh and your outfit choices are both adorable you could not go wrong with either!

Virtuous said...

OMGosh!! I am from (born & raised) Racine, WI and will seriously have to think about that medal next year. LUV it and so would do outfit #1 even though I just fell in love with running skirts for the summer :)

BTW - great job on Big Sur!! Just breathe taking (fab race report)

Southbaygirl said...

you are my hero and a rockstar!!!!! I hope you had a great race and what outfit did you choose?????

I love the medal-I would have flown there to get the medal as well!

Mica said...

I'll be interested to hear which outfit you picked.

Also, I'm still amazed that you're doing two marathons in a week. AHHHH, nuts!

Virtuous said...

Great to hear you are a knitter too!! Yay!

BTW which outfit did you pick for this race?

And I definitely want to get one of those skirts..I was sold on the pockets.

Shoot me a quick e-mail (so I will have yours Haha) if you don't mind at: