Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm headed down to Monterey shortly to run the Big Sur Marathon tomorrow! I think a year has faded the memory of some pretty serious hills, but I am looking forward to the beautiful views which are still fresh in my mind. I hesitate to put time goals on this one, but will say I'd love to beat last year's time (5:20ish, I think). My super-top A-goal would be a sub-5 hour finish but my first priority is to enjoy the day.

I will be carrying my camera though I probably won't stop quite as much as I did last year. I believe tomorrow is shaping up to be a sunny day which should make for some nice photos. Last year it was fairly overcast. I am hoping the wind stays away!

Running this week has been taper-iffic! A couple of three milers and a six milers with some 9:00 miles for speed.

One question that came up was my training this year. The Year of the Marathon has posed some issues in that I cannot follow my normal schedule. Some people can run high mileage weeks the week after a marathon, but I cannot. I tend to take it pretty easy the week following a race. I also like to take it pretty easy the week before a race. With my schedule thus far, this has meant a lot of easy weeks. If I've had three or more weeks in between races I try to do one week of higher mileage (like last week) but I kind of just go with the flow. I haven't done a 20 mile training run since November, I think. It seems to be working.

During the months of June-late August I won't be running a single marathon. I am actually going to go through a whole marathon training cycle this summer. I am looking forward to this because I want to work on my speed a little. I've been sort of coasting off of my CIM training but the middle of the year feels like a nice time to bring it back up again. I also want to feel like I am earning these marathons. The past few months I almost feel like a cheat since I haven't done any specific training for any specific races.

Hopefully I'll get some nice shorts of Big Sur to share with all of you! See you on the other side!


Mica said...

Ha, I don't think anyone would accuse you of "cheating", silly lady!

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Xavi Garcia said...

Good luck!

"XTB" Xavi.

Marlene said...

Hope you enjoyed Big Sur today!

EndorphinBuzz said...

You are not cheating, you are knocking them out one after another! Hope BigSur was fun, I can't wait for the pictures :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope your Big Sur Marathon went well. Look forward to seeing the photos of what I missed (got a job offer in Monterey recently with an offer to do the race as well!).

Roni said...

Such activity is really fun for our rabbits and their time to get out of their rabbit hutches.