Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 10; Move, Move!

This week, we set a date.

Saturday:  4 miles @ 9:41 pace & 10x hill sprints

Sunday:  8 miles @ 9:36 pace

Monday:  10 miles @ 9:01 pace, 7x 3min @ 7:31 pace w/2:00 recovery;  Dragged my feet all day getting out for this run but got it done.  I find the runs I procrastinate the most on are often the ones that end up being awesome.  Boyfriend joined me for the first two warm-up miles.  I started in the nick of time as I got home just after sunset.

Tuesday:  4 miles @ 9:39 pace, Bikram Yoga

Wednesday:  10 miles, including 7 miles @ 8:30 pace; Another "moderate" pick-up run.  I'm not a fan of the runs where pace is designated by effort level in this way.  I'd much rather they say, "10K" or "Half pace."  I have internal battles with myself about designating a certain pace to each effort level vs. running what feels like a "moderate" level for that particular day (which I think is what the plan intends).

Thursday:  Bikram Yoga

Friday:  20 miles @ 8:56 pace, middle 15 miles @ 8:41 pace; Though I nailed my goal for the pick-up miles, I struggled at times to keep the pace.  I'm going to be happy I got this done on tired legs and move on to the next week.  I do love these long runs with specific paces, though. They go by so much faster than easy long runs both literally and more importantly, mentally.

On Sunday's run, I passed the bison paddock as I've done hundreds if not over a thousand times on runs in Golden Gate Park.  I had heard that a bunch of baby bison had been added to the herd a few months ago but had never had a moment I was sure I was seeing the babies.  The bison in Golden Gate Park are, let's say, larger, less endearing versions of Mario's lazy bum.  If I lost the majority of fingers off my left hand I could still use it to count the number of times I'd seen a bison in the paddock move.  And when I say "move," I don't mean trotting or even extended walking.  I mean "move" in the sense of proving to me that they aren't just stuffed animals propped up for tourist photo-ops.  I think once I saw one turn its head.  And once I saw a tail swish.  It might be some urban legend I'm remembering but I vaguely recall one walking a few steps once which stopped me in my tracks mid-run.

But on Sunday as I passed the paddock, the six baby bison were running all over the paddock.  They were covering the entire length of the enclosure; Up and down hills, kicking their heels, and tossing their heads.  They looked like a little gang of young hooligans taunting the statue like adults.  I so wish I had my camera with me so I could have gotten it on tape.

It went on and on for minutes and I couldn't help admire the fact that they were running for the sheer joy of the movement.  Definitely my kind of bison.
Not a Firedaughter creation I own, but I love the sentiment.


Rabbits' Guy said...

RE: Your "Date" clock - I wonder what it would be like to run a marathon where you start your watch at your desired finish time and then it runs backward to zero as you run? (Congratulations by the way! .. BL would have you get a martini at the Top of the Mark!)

That 20 mile run means you just have "no man's land" to attack (I think adrenalin usually handles that) and those were awful good times! If you don't get hurt and maintain your stamina and cardio fitness, that March run will be a dandy!

Jade said...

LOVE your clock! I would be *squee*-ing every time I looked at it. :)

I have seen bison and they are pretty much boulders with fur except for the little ones, who are all kinds of adorable.

naomi said...

A couple of weeks ago I saw 4 bison lounging on the grass. They all looked pretty old to me, but it was the most that I ever saw out there. I would have been in shock to see 6 babies running around!

Another solid week of training! Taper is just around the corner for you!

Rachel said...

girl i'm constantly impressed with your training! i know you've mentioned it before, but what plan are you following?

so cool that you got to see baby bison! i can't even imagine them running around haha.

Alisa said...

I love that date clock....can't wait to see your bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!