Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 9; All Shoes Go To Heaven

I have been using this running log since 2006.  For the first time ever, I wore a pair (now up to two pairs) of shoes past the 500 mile mark.  Previously my favorite pair of shoes was the only one that ever came close.  When I entered the run that brought my Sauconys to 500+ I saw the above red number and laughed out loud.  I've known this running log for 6 years and the red colored number felt like a special surprise from an old friend.

Sunday:  17.1 miles with the middle 13.26 miles @ 8:28 pace... 8:28 pace!;  Since I hit 8:46 pace for a 14 mile pick-up during a long run a few weeks ago, I thought I'd get a teensy more aggressive for this spec test.  I have thus far been approaching my training runs with 8:40 pace being my goal marathon pace.  I was hoping to run in the 8:30's. With 8:35 pace being a bit of a goal.  I'm so happy with how this run went.  I'm not going to say it was always easy, but it wasn't always hard and I think that is just the right effort for a marathon pace.  I also earned myself a 7 minute half PR of 1:52.  To take 7 minutes off my half time and to not even be racing seems so unreal to me.

Monday:  Bikram Yoga

Tuesday:  7 miles @ 9:37 pace; I could tell there was a little residual fatigue from Sunday's run.

Wednesday:  11 miles @ 8:59 pace; The middle 6 miles of this run were supposed to be run at a "moderate" pace.  I struggled a bit about what this was.  Figured 5K = very hard, 10K = hard, half = moderate-hard, full = moderate.  So I told myself to go out at MP effort and see what I got.  Half mile splits started at 9:19 pace and ended at 8:01.  Average 8:27 pace overall for the pick-up.

Thursday:  Bikram Yoga; This class was so hot and humid.  While I was lying there trying not to die I decided that this Bikram yoga class was more challenging than the half marathon I had just run.  I detest these hard classes while they are happening, but there is something to be said about developing mental strength through hot yoga.  I wanted to skip poses but rallied and got them all done.

Friday:  22 miles @ 9:36 pace;  I had two days less recovery than I should have had from my last long run and I could tell my legs were tired.  But my pace was pretty good for an easy long run.  Monster long runs coming up the next month, but I think I'm ready for them.

Another week in the books.  I'm at that point in the training plan where I'm trying to take in one week at a time and not think too far ahead.  I'm feeling good about how things are shaping up and am excited to see how much more work I can get done in the next month.  I bought sour cream the other day at the grocery store and the expiration date was March 18.  That's race day.  It must be coming up.

A note on shoes:  I wore my Brooks Ravennas today and brought their total up to 517 miles.  I've had some niggling left knee issues which I've decided may be Ravenna-related so am definitely retiring those.  My Sauconys, however, still feel awesome.  I've always had 500 miles as an arbitrary number above which running shoes must die but I'm debating wearing them for shorter runs for a bit longer.  At first I took the red-colored number in my running log as a sign that I should just cut my losses and replace them, but I may see if I can get a few more miles out of them.  Bad idea?  I do have 4 pairs of new running shoes stockpiled and ready to go.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Doesn't a new pair of shoes feel so much more cushiony than a 500 mile pair? You are taking a lot of pounding with all those miles over short periods. It might be good not to push the shoes much farther.

Looks like an 8:30 pace marathon coming before year end or a lot sooner!

Rachel said...

man, you're going to KILL your next marathon!! any plans to race a half and make that PR official?? ; )

Alisa said...

What what...8:40 pace...girl you have build yourself into a lean (nice...not mean) running speedy machine!