Friday, February 12, 2010

Umm... Another Marathon?!

Conservatory of Flowers from Sunday's run in Golden Gate Park

Sunday: 10 miles @10:38 pace; Boyfriend joined me for the first four miles and I carried my camera and snapped some photos of Golden Gate Park.

Monday: 0.4 miles in VFF

Tuesday: 10 miles, including 3 mi @ 8:58 pace; This run marks my return to 9:00 pace running (not counting that one treadmill mile last week). I haven't done any sort of speed work since before CIM. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. As I mentioned before, I'm going to try to keep doing tempo runs once a week to keep the higher gears in play.

Wednesday: Was supposed to run 8 miles before work. Hit the mega-snooze button and skipped that run.

Thursday: Thought maybe I'd run 6 miles before work to make up for Thursday's missed run. Hit the snooze button, again.

Friday: 12 miles @ 10:29; For some reason I thought that my next marathon was 2 weeks away, but I realized Thursday night it was only 1 week away! So I cut back the intended 20 miler to 12 miles. Good thing because I fought for every inch of this 12 miler. Just wasn't feeling it.

Saturday: 0.5 miles in VFF; Still not experiencing any post-run pain from the VFF's! Not planning on doing much more than 0.5 miles for a while, I think.

Sunday: 10 miles @ 10:14 pace

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 10:02 pace

Thursday: 6 miles, including 3 mi @ 8:49 pace; Finally dragged my carcass out of bed for a pre-work run. First pre-work run since before CIM in early December!! I think I went a little too hard considering I have a marathon this Sunday (and three miles at tempo is not a cut-back at this point), but it felt nice to get out there and get some faster miles in again. I'm hoping to eventually build back up to 8 miles of tempo pace but it will probably be hard to do that the next month with all the races I have coming up.

Friday: 3 miles @ 10:24 & 0.5 miles in VFF; legs definitely tired after yesterday's run. Hope they perk up for Sunday!

Bison enjoying the grand weather in Golden Gate Park

I'm headed to Austin for a long weekend and a marathon! I signed up for this one when I realized I'd have to do a 20 miler for Napa anyway about now. I'm curious to see how this goes since I only built back up to a 16 miler since Disney. I sort of feel like my fitness from CIM has carried me through Honolulu and Disney but that with every week it is slowly whittling away. Hopefully this will kick-start me back into long distance territory... I've got three marathons in March!


audgepodge said...

I forgot it was this weekend, too! Good luck on your Valentine's Day marathon :D

Todd said...
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thepixelsuite said...

Have fun in Austin! I know you're going to have a great race.

bunnygirl said...

Have fun in Austin! They have a great music scene there.

heather said...

I would have never guessed there were bison in Golden Gate Park.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I think you can run tempos in a marathon ... every mile does not need to be the same pace.

Hope it went well. You are wise not to try to over train and get hurt.

How are those VFF's ? Is that working?

Southbaygirl said...

ANIMAL!!! That is you! I know you ran a great race today!!! I hope you feel fantastic!!!

EndorphinBuzz said...

That's funny that a marathon would sneak up on you like that.

Marlene said...

You know you're running a lot of marathons when you lose track of the dates. :) Hope it went well! said...

You are a marathoning machiene!!!!