Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Bring to a State of Currentness

I have been woefully bad about updating on the running front. Time to get caught up!

Friday (May 14th): 10 miles including 3 mi @ 9:05 pace; This was a horrible, life sucking type of run. It was all I could do to hang on to the pick-up pace and I totally crashed and burned in the miles afterward. I felt like I was at mile 22 of a marathon the last two miles of this run. I had to take some walking breaks during what should have been fairly easy cool-down miles. I kept telling myself it was good mental practice for the marathons next month.

Sunday: 6 miles @ 10:07 pace; Still not feeling like myself.

Monday: 14 miles @ 10:18 pace; The drudgery continues. Got this done with my dignity intact but it didn't feel as easy as it should have.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 10:13 pace

Thursday: Walk 4.5 miles

Friday: 10 miles including 4 mi @ 8:46 pace; I really needed this run for my self-esteem. I've been horribly dragging the past week and my body was in some sort of running funk. I think this is the fastest overall pace I have averaged for a tempo pick-up. I was down in the 8:30's the last mile or so which is pretty darn fast for me. Thanks, legs.

Saturday: Walk 5 miles; This was the first time I went out for a walk workout by myself and I pushed the pace a little. I usually average about 16:40 minute miles overall when I walk with my mom or Boyfriend but I was down in the 14:40's for a bit and averaged a 15:08 overall pace, I think. I actually got into a zone where it almost felt satisfying like running!

Sunday: 6 miles @ 9:45 pace; Fun, fun run with new and old friends. I would have loved to have run farther but I knew I had an 18/10 combo coming up the next two days.

Monday: 18 miles @ 10:33 pace; I took planned walking breaks which I told myself was to get more time on my feet but it was probably 60% because I felt sort of blah. I walked about 0.1 miles every two miles the first 14 miles and then from 15-17 I walked 0.1 miles every mile. I still maintained a decent pace overall which surprised me. My legs were super tired at the end of this run, though. After I finished up the 18 miles I walked an additional mile to make 19 to get more practice for the inevitable walking I'll be doing next month.

Tuesday: 10 miles @ 10:03 pace; Even though I was super drained after Monday's run, I got out and had an amazing 10 mile run. The cool weather and drizzly rain helped a lot. The pace was a little slower than it would have been without the 19 miles the day before, but I hardly felt the long run in my legs.

And that brings us up to speed from my last running post! As you can see I have really been pushing my body a bit by walking on my rest days and stacking my runs on consecutive days. My shin got a little mad at me but I think we made it through without a major dispute.

I'll be back to my normal schedule next week (still doing walk workouts but no more stacked runs) which is actually the start of my taper period. I am not sure if a 14/8 combo and a 19/10 combo are enough to do a 26.2/26.2 combo, but it will have to do.


Alisa said...

Your training sounds like ultra training. J does long runs back to back on the weekends.

All I have to say is damn chica your legs must be SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo impressed by you and all the running. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

L.A. Daze said...

That's a lot of running! I'm getting dizzy just looking at your mileage.

the dawn said...

Good work! Way to push through on the runs when you weren't really feelin' it and soar on the other ones. Thanks for the tips about the taper. I have gotten some good solid runs under my belt this week and that helps to calm the nerves. I just hope that I have the discipline I need next week so that my legs will be fresh for the big day. Thanks again for all your advice over the past few months. I appreciate it so much!

Sarah Woulfin said...

Woh- that's some high mileage training. I like your idea of walk workouts & should start wearing my garmin when i do walks!

Marlene said...

You have really been working! It's amazing what the body can do. Great job!

Southbaygirl said...

wow! You are my running hero!!!

Mica said...

Man, your training is so intense. I guess your marathoning goals are intense, so it makes sense. :)

Sorry that your shin was whining a bit.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Whew! Tough! Yea - you might be doing just a bit too much too close together, but I know the feeling - got to get that mileage in!

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're in a great groove. Keep it up!