Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aloha 'Oe

First off, I'd like to say, "Wow!" I have never had a race report bring so many people over and out of the woodwork. Go, Wisconsin!

I had some comments about the beeping Garmin: I actually wouldn't mind the countdown timer beeper. I know a lot of people use that for walk-run intervals. Since I generally only run, even if we move at the same net pace and leapfrog a bit, I probably only have to hear 50% of the chimes. I don't mind hearing the "You passed another mile" beep, either. I actually have mine set to go off every half a mile which means I annoy people 100% more during a race with those beeps. I also get curious about when other people's garmins beep in relation to the mile markers. Sometimes when a whole bunch of them beep over a tenth of a mile before the marker early in a race, I think, "Ha ha! The course IS long!" It is only the "You're going too slow!" or "You're going too fast!" alert that irks me. Mainly because once it starts to go off, it will probably continue to go off for the duration of the race. I think EndorphinBuzz had the right idea of only letting that chime go off a few times before admitting defeat (or success, as the case may be) and turning it off. Or better yet, we should all get the Garmin 310XT which has a vibrating alert! Me want!

RG, Kenosha was at an elevation of something like 600 ft. You worried me the night before and I checked!

Two, sorry for the long silence, but I flew home to Hawaii this weekend for a quick visit with the family. While not terribly hot this time of year, the humidity quickly kicked my butt when I went out for runs.

I barely took any photos (and didn't even go the beach) so nothing super exciting to share with you.

Here is a photo of a Hawaiian plate lunch from Young's Fish Market (always my first stop after I get picked up from the airport). Pipikaula, poi, lomi salmon, lau lau, and kalua pork. I have just succeeded in making myself salivate on the keyboard.

I had a two-seater to myself on the return trip so took the opportunity to catch some shots:

Diamond Head in the distance from the airport

This view while heading in this direction always breaks my heart.
If you take off from the Honolulu Airport, get a window seat on the left side of the plane. You'll get this great view of Oahu as you take off.

The biggest of those little islands off the main island is called, Rabbit Island.

After an utterly lazy week after the Wisconsin Marathon, I am back on the training wagon again! I didn't run for 7 whole days. I actually recovered pretty quickly and could have gone for a run sooner, but lately it seems I'll take any excuse to not have to go for a run. I got out for one 5 miler and one 7 miler while in Hawaii. My mom walks about 5 miles every morning and I joined her two mornings for a nice stroll, too.

I haven't really been mentioning races down the pike this year until they are next in line (I do add them to my race line-up on the right hand side of the screen as soon as I am officially registered). So what is next?

In June, I will be doing my first back-to-back marathons. At first I was saying two in 48 hours, but I think the proper term would be two in 24 hours! On Friday I'll be running around the Idaho side of Bear Lake, and on Saturday I'll be trekking around the Utah side.

At this point I am not so concerned about the mileage of doing two marathons on consecutive days. I am, however, VERY concerned about the altitude. I have done one other high altitude marathon in Kenya. The Safaricom marathon is at 5300-5800 ft. elevation. Bear Lake is just shy of 6000 ft. I remember when I first arrived in Kenya I walked up a flight of (rather shallow) stairs and was winded when I got to the top. I had about 4-5 days to acclimate before the marathon which ended up being my slowest ever (5:58, I believe). The slow finish time can partly be blamed on a hellacious case of shin splints I developed which pretty much wrecked my training, though. This time I am flying in the day before the race which I am told is one of two ways to go (either arrive really early to acclimate or get there right before and bang it out).

I am thinking that the double-marathon coupled with the elevation will probably yield my slowest marathon times EVER. In anticipation of walking quite a bit I am going to add walking workouts on my rest days the next few weeks. Today I penned out a training schedule for the next 16 weeks! I haven't been on a plan since CIM training ended in December. I am looking forward to having something written down to be accountable. I've been weaseling out of training runs far too much the last 5 months.


Sarah Woulfin said...

Wow- i want to hear more about your marathon in Kenya. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pix of Hawaii :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

A. My advice at the altitude? Start S.L.O.W .... then ease off (hee hee)

B. Love to see the wing out the window. I like to watch them open up and close up as the climb/desend/turn .. all those moving parts ... how do it fly?

(I worked for Boeing many years - much of with the nuts who design those things! They really do work well!)

C. Just flying OUT of Honoulu makes me cry. Best way to be in Hawaii? In a condo near the canal in Waikiki - go to the beach every day and food food food all night! Where we live we sometimes get the "Pineapple Express" weather where you can actually smell the cooking from that Chinese Reastaurant there on the corner.

Marlene said...

You're such a slacker, running all these marathons and not sticking to a training plan. ;)

Good luck on the double at altitude!

X-Country2 said...

I want to go to Hawaii. That is all.

EndorphinBuzz said...

24 hours is really back to back! At least you only have to do one training plan for both :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Smart idea about incorporating in some walking. Not only does walking require different muscles, you'll be on your feet much longer too so good to prepare for that.

And I'm also greatly affected by altitude. I usually come in a day before a race and have heard that's the best thing to do. My next marathon is at 5000+ and will probably be 10-15 min slower.

I envy how easy it is for you to fly back and forth to HI!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oops, I meant best thing to do if you can't fully acclimate.