Friday, February 26, 2010

Two State Trivia Travel

Back from another quick trip home from Hawaii. Amazingly, I took exactly ZERO blog-worthy photos. Sorry, gang. Just believe me when I say the weather was lovely (not oven-hot like my July and September trips).

On the running front since Austin:

Thursday: 5 miles @ 10:00 pace

Saturday: 6 miles @ 9:54 pace; I didn't leave my parents' house until 9 am and it was hot out there! But, still a huge improvement over my July or September visit when I had to be done running by 7 am to have a prayer of finishing. Tweeted this after my run which pretty much sums things up:

Monday: 8.1 miles including 3 mi @ 8:54 pace; I got going by about 7:30 am hoping to get 10 miles in before heading out to brunch with my grandmother. However, I realized that today's run was the best day to try to get some speed work in, so cut the mileage a bit and picked up the pace. Pretty proud I got this done in the heat and without my inspiring ipod music.

Tuesday: 5.3 mile walk (with 1.16 mi of running mixed in) with my mom. My mom walks at least 4 miles almost every day (and mixes in intervals of running). Today was going to be a rest day but I figured I could go out with her on her walk/run. I also showed her a new add-on to her route close to our house which doesn't have any driveways (so no worries of cars backing out into her) and a little hill for a challenge. She wrote and said she is planning on adding it on every day to get 5 miles done instead of four!

Thursday: 6 miles @ 10:10 pace

Friday: 13 miles @ 10:10 pace; Last night I saw that we were due a pretty big storm today. The first 2 miles were dry, but the last 11 were wet, wet, wet! I was more concerned about thunderstorms (didn't happen) and the wind (definitely pretty windy). I mope about getting out there when it is raining, but I really love rainy runs. I practically had Golden Gate Park to myself which was a real treat (I get sidewalk rage with tourists and idiots). I was thinking to myself that non-runners probably never spend 2 hours in the pouring rain without rain gear. What a treat to get to enjoy the weather like that! When I arrived back to my apartment I literally looked like I had jumped into a pool with my clothes on. I was totally soaked and dripping everywhere. This is my last "long" run before the Napa Valley Marathon next week.

I don't feel like I've been doing nearly enough miles the last two weeks to be marathon ready, but I guess I'll have to deal with it.

Here are some photos from Austin:

Looking at the floor of the State Capitol (each circle represents an entity which had interests in Texas at one point in time -- Spain, France, Mexico, United States, Republic of Texas, and the Confederacy)
Side note: Do you see that person in the 1 o'clock position in the picture taking a photograph? There was a portrait of George W. Bush on the wall there. I saw two men have their wives take photos of them standing in front of the portrait. BOTH these men checked the photo and asked to have it taken a second time (after much self-grooming pre-shutter click). I have no political comment, but thought this was both hilarious, bizarre, & slightly frightening.

Looking up at the dome

Cool wall murals:

Seen on the ceiling of a BBQ place

Probably thousands of these freaky birds EVERYWHERE! And they have a cry which sounds like they are saying, "Why?! Why?! WHY!?" At dusk they were sitting on every elevated surface!

We stopped by Lance Armstrong's store, too. It is official. I am not a cyclist. But it was a nice place.

I also learned the fun fact that Hawaii and Texas are the only two states which at one point were its own country. So I visited both those states in a week! Oh, and my parents have had both of their children in one of those states (my sister was born in San Antonio).


Hef's Mom said...

There is a 100 mile run today in Lockport NY near us, its currently 33 and snowing! Not trying that one?

bunnygirl said...

I had forgotten about that floor in the Capitol building. I haven't been there in decades.

I'm glad you got to see a little of Austin. I have friends there who love it. The town's unofficial motto is "Keep Austin Weird."

bunnygirl said...

I sent that comment too fast - just wanted to add that I'm glad you're back and I hope your friends and family in Hawaii are well back from the coast!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Some times Fresh Legs are just what the Marathon ordered! Especially since the psychology of that distance is all dealt with.

We'll see - good luck! Napa - wow!

Middle daughter lives in Mill Valley and runs around up in the hills there where Dipsea goes. What beautiful country!

L.A. Daze said...

Love the pictures! Those birds are freaky. I'm already scared of birds...having those fly around me would be a nightmare for me.

cliff said...

so, i've been to hawaii several times, and what i've noticed is, they're always complaining about the humidity. then i ask myself, and whoever i'm there with... "does it feel humid to you?"

hawaiians have no right to complain about their weather! none whatsoever!!!! even if you're running!

was there bird poop all over the place? i do my best to not walk under birds... i've been pooped on in the past, and it's humiliating.

have fun in napa!

X-Country2 said...

What beautiful pics!

EndorphinBuzz said...

Thanks for the interesting pics :)

I'm sure you will do fine at the race with so many under your belt already it'll be automatic!

Marlene said...

Glad you had a good trip... er, trips! I would so love to be in Hawaii (or anywhere south) right now!

Alisa said...

Awesome! I want tan lines. I know I know I said even I didn't like running in the Hawaiian humidity but what I wouldn't do for some color on my VERY white legs right now.

I've never been to Texas--creepy about the GWB photo taker, didn't we see enough of him for 8 years.

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm jealous of your visit to Mellow Johnny's and Hawaii! I have driven past the store a couple times when visiting my sister but we've never gone in. And I am "freezing" here in FL with temps in the 40-60's again. GAH!!!!!