Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 4, Finding My Groove

Sunday: 7 miles @ 10:57

Tuesday: 8 miles including 6 miles @ 9:41 pace (goal 9:55); I love me my Tuesday runs! Afterwards went with Boyfriend for a fairly hilly 3.5 mile hike in Muir Woods.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 10:49; Was thinking of running 6 but with the hiking the day before decided to cut back a tad. Was definitely feeling more tired than normal towards the end.

Friday: 18 miles @ 11:09 (17th mile @ 10:40 & 18th mile @ 10:15 -- more because I was ready for it to be done with than because I was feeling especially good). Did not feel as good as I had the week before. I used my Nathan belt for the first time. It worked pretty well, but I think I prefer the handheld bottle I usually use. There were a few times I wanted to take a quick sip but was too lazy to reach around to my back to get the bottle out. Before my Nathan belt I had a 4 bottle Fuel Belt (my model is much older than this one). Usually I would rotate the bottles so the one I was using was in the front right position. Very easy to get out. Since I got a 2 bottle Nathan I don't have that option. My Fuel Belt is c. 2004 and lacks any good pouches, so I am pleased the Nathan belt can also hold my bloks and even camera.

Overall, I feel like this is the week my body has gotten used to this running schedule. I am sort of digging this 4 days a week running thing. Lately I've been doing marathon plans that had you running 5 days a week. I have a feeling that the extra day off is what my shin needs to stay in the game. The mileage in this plan is still pretty high, just spread over less days. Will see how it goes and may have to modify my training in the future.

I would like to introduce the Most Valuable Player of this past week, Mr. Tennis Ball. This whole foot thing has me trying all sorts of remedies. I remembered reading how people with plantar fasciitis roll their feet on tennis balls. Wouldn't you know I have two canisters of tennis balls in my hall closet from a short tennis stint in college (when I say "short tennis stint" I mean "me and my friends went down to the campus courts twice to hit and chase the balls around")!

I rolled my left foot and it was actually a little painful. Rolled my right and it felt like a nice massage. There was definitely an asymmetry between Good Foot and Bad Foot. So I rolled Bad Foot whenever I could. By day 3 rolling was less painful. I'm not going to say that my foot has magically healed, but this week I had pain free runs Sun, Tue, & Wed. That is a streak! The foot was a little sore after the 18 miler but honestly my right foot hurt, too. What do you expect after 18 miles? So still no bill of health on the foot, but it is thankfully hanging in like a champ.

I have tennis balls all over the apartment by places I frequently sit.
Even left one at work!


Southbay Girl said...

OMG Velcro would love your house...TENNIS BALLS are her favorite!

Nice week of running. I use 2 hand held bottles as well-primarily because Velcro can drink out of them. I have a belt that I wore at the Carlsbad half-but I HATE having something around my waist! drives me crazy!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

When I had a bout of PF I had tennis balls near by the places I sat too. They're certainly a lot more useful for that than playing tennis, that's for sure.

And I too don't like reaching behind me to grab fluids either, which is why I only use the two front Fuel Belt bottles usually.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Bet that tennis ball got some stretching and loosening under there.

Many training plans take you up to 20 miles .. seems if you can regularly do 20 miles at or better than your target clip, then the last 6 miles of "no-mans land" will take care of itself!

Your progress sounds quite remarkable! I would not be surprised at all to see you able to run much faster, longer, comfortably, than you suspect.

The Bunns said...

Hey RG ... why don't you just go ahead and suggest she get a big bad dog to chase her for about 20 miles. You trying to kill that lady?

Remember our motto ... start slow and ease off ...

Alisa said...

I do the same thing with my fuel belt, I rotate all the bottles to the front for easy reaching. I like the handheld for distances shorter than 10 miles.

I'm all about the tennis balls too. I share them with Zoey =). What does Mario think of them?

Marlene said...

Awesome to hear that the tennis ball seems to be helping so much, and nice runs this week! You're nailing your training.

Mica said...

Nice runs! I'm glad your body is adjusting to the program. That's a good sign, for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that you get to run so many times a week. I wish I could do the same :) workdays don't leave me with much time for workouts, so I only get to jog on weekends.

Glad that the tennis ball is helping! What does Mario think of these yellow balls all over 'his' apartment?

EndorphinBuzz said...

Tennis balls are fun for self massaging. A friend of mine uses them for back massage, leaving them under his shirt so that when he sits he gets automatic relief :)

What helped me with PF was the stretch you can do on a stair. You use your toes and the end of your foot to balance yourself on the end of the stair and alternate between going as low as you can with your heel to stretch the muscle and hold that for a while and then go as high as you can (tiptoeing), repeat a few times. I do that stretch at least twice a day now and PF hasn't come back (knock on wood).

Hope the foot get used to the extra mileage without too much complaining.

X-Country2 said...

I really need to start tennis balling. I'm always begging the husband to run something sore, and he usually gets bored before I'm done. Perhaps I'll get some this weekend.

aron said...

you are totally finding your groove! great job :)

i love tennis balls!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is inspirational. I will definitely bookmark your blog.

Great suggestion on the tennis balls. I'll have to try that as well. After long runs, it's my right foot that aches sometimes. Thanks again!


Amy said...

Catching up on your posts... glad that you are doing better!

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay, sounds like you are doing much better! How's the shins?

Everyone loves the tennis ball, so I'm glad it's working for you, and your paces are looking great! Especially that 8-miler! Speedy!