Sunday, January 11, 2009


Audrey tagged me so here I go...

4 Favorite Memories from 2008:
1.  Running a 5K with my mom
2.  Going home to Hawaii for both of my parents' 60th birthdays and my Grandma's 88th
3.  Having Boyfriend with me at Goofy
4.  Having my parents at the R'n'R San Jose Half Marathon

4 Favorite Movies watched in 2008:
1.  Spirit of the Marathon
2.  P.S. I Love You
3.  Wall - E
4.  Iron Man

4 Favorite Foods in 2008:
1.  Cheese expresso burrito from El Burrito Express (YUM!)
2.  Boyfriend's uber-delicious pasta (had it for dinner tonight!)
3.  Trader Joe's whole wheat spaghetti, tomato & basil marinara sauce, and pecorino romano cheese
4.  Cold Stone cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and graham cracker pie crust mix-ins

4 Places I Loved in 2008:
1.  My parents' house
2.  Disney World
3.  Golden Gate Park
4.  Monterey

4 Events I Loved in 2008:
1.  Disney Goofy's Challenge
2.  Napa Valley Marathon (PR!)
3.  See #2 above in favorite memories
4.  any plane ride that took me west across the Pacific

4 Things I Liked in 2008:
1.  my iMac!
2.  running skirts
3.  blogging & bloggers
4.  podcasts

4 Things I am Looking Forward to in 2009:
1.  Signing up for Goofy 2010 (tomorrow!)
2.  Running healthy
3.  Connecting with more runners
4.  Christmas (okay, copied Audrey but it's true!)

2 People I Tag (everyone's been tagged!):
1.  Marci


Mica said...

In 2009, if you go to Hawaii, I think a goal should be "Take Mica with me to Hawaii!" YESSS! Great plan!

(I'm already looking forward to Christmas, too!)

Alisa said...

Yay for 2008! Sounds like you really had a great year!

Shoe Running said...

Hey :) Thanks for the tag! I tried sending you a message on, but I figured maybe you don't go there much. We should run together soon! What days do you run during the week?

aron said...

love these posts :)

Marathon Maritza said...

You had a great year! :)

RunToFinish said...

Spirit of the marathon was such a good and motivating movie!!

Julianne said...

I love reading other people's "tagged" posts!! I loved Wall-e, too. LOOOOVED that movie. Oh, also, I've been meaning to tell you... I think we might be running the 7 miles on the 7th on the 8th, possibly. Which is a Sunday... I'll keep you posted!