Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cue Vince Guaraldi Music

Our Sunday trip up to Healdsburg was lots of fun.  We had a great lunch at a little deli in a bookstore and walked around enjoying the shops.  On the way home we stopped by the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.  I am a sucker for things like this that take you back to your childhood (hence all the Disney races). 

Mural made up of comic strips

My left hip was really bothering me as we walked around on Sunday.  That night I sort of manipulated my leg this way and that trying to figure out what was actually sore. Ever since I did that, it's been much better.  I almost feel like maybe there was a pinched nerve somewhere that got released.  It's not 100% yet but definitely much, much better.  I managed 4 miles Monday and 5 miles today.

This morning I finished "Now You See Him."  You know how some movies have such an intense revelation at the end that you feel compelled to watch the movie again right away so that you can analyze the whole thing under the light of someone privy to this secret?  Well, that's the way this book made me feel.  I plan to reread it again before returning it to the library.   I'm a little over 100 pages into the Switzer book as well and so far I'm enjoying it a lot.

On my urgent to-do list the next couple of days is to peg down a marathon training plan for Big Sur.  I've realized I'm about 16 weeks away from the race.  Seeing how I usually do 16 week training programs, this means I should already be following a plan of some sort.  I haven't yet decided how much speed training I'm going to do for Big Sur.  My reason for choosing it was I figured I'd concentrate on base endurance so that I could have that back in place before commencing speed-specific training after the marathon.  But that said, even if I don't plan to PR in this race I want to be prepared for the hills.  This means hill training and some speed work would be beneficial.


Alisa said...

Cool, I had no idea there was a Schultz museum in Santa Rosa.

Glad your hip is feeling better.

I still can't believe you are running the Big Sur marathon! Wow!!!! I can't wait to hear about your training plan...the more of those I read the more input I have when I create my next plan =).

Shoe Running said...

Hope the hip stays feeling better - that's cool that you cured it yourself :)

I need to get myself a training plan too...argh! :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Like Alisa, I had no idea that museum was in Santa Rosa! I've got to visit it...I love me some Peanuts.

Nail down that training plan, cuz I can't wait to hear about! Big Sur is on my to-run list for someday...

Mica said...

I didn't know there was such a magical place as a Schultz museum! I must go!

I'm glad that you somehow fixed your hip pain. Good luck with the 16-weeks ahead!

Rachel said...

I love Peanuts and Santa Rosa. Didn't know that was there. Sounds like a little gem.

Rabbits' Guy said...

The Charlie Brown Christmas CD is our most favorite One for the season .... somehow the music captured the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

That definitely brings back memories! Charlie Brown was one of my favourite comic strips when young :D

Sorry to hear about your hip, I'm glad its getting much better!

ShirleyPerly said...

That museum sounds fun. When I was a kid, I loved Charlie Brown comics and played the Snoopy song on the piano a lot.

Glad to hear the hip is better. I prefer hill training to speed training any day!