Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RIP Garmin

Garmin got charged two days ago.

Yesterday I went on a (fabulously nice) 2 mile run.

The run took 20 minutes.

Tonight I turned Garmin on and got a LOW BATTERY WARNING.


So I used to get 9.5 hours on a charge and now I'm getting 20 minutes.

I think that means Garmin has officially died on me.

I'm calling Garmin tomorrow to see whether or not the fabulous customer service I've heard about is an urban legend.

I have heard tales of just-out-of-warranty Garmins getting fixed for free.

I hope they take pity on me.


furrybutts said...

We hope they take pity on you too! Maybe they'll replace it with a new one :D

Julianne said...

Oh no!! So what did Garmin say?!!?!? I hope they fix it!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Poor Garmin. He was good while he lasted.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Say .. just got to thinking .. there aren't any rabbit bite marks on there are there?????

Laurel said...

You know, it seems like EVERYONE'S Garmin has been dying the past couple of months. This is so weird.

I haven't bought one yet myself. I still use the old stopwatch, and after hearing about all these G's breaking down, I may just stick to my watch.

Hope you get yours fixed soon though.

ShirleyPerly said...

Boo! Sometimes I think they don't make devices to last very long because they want you to buy a new one.