Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

If you've wanted to try Atalanta's great running skirts, now is the time to do it!  They are having a great Thanksgiving sale.  Enter the code YOUGOGIRL and get 25% off everything (code good through Monday, Dec 1)!  Above I'm sporting the carbon/orange commitment skirt and the sherbet strength top.  I love the products (you can stuff so much into the pockets and the skirt doesn't bounce at all!) and the customer service with this company is second to none.  Seriously.  They also manufacture everything here in the USA.

I am also very happy because Black Friday means that I can officially get publicly excited about Christmas.  As mentioned before, I love Christmas.  I would listen to Christmas music all year round if it didn't drive everyone around me crazy.  On Wednesday I happened to turn to one of the preprogrammed radio stations in my car and was delighted to find out that they had started their 24 hour Christmas music program!  Suddenly I start to look forward to my commute!  This week iTunes even had two great free Christmas songs for download (check it out if you haven't already)!  I love holiday commercials!  I even had a dream a few nights ago that I had gotten down all the boxes of Christmas decorations to start getting the apartment festive.  Well on today, the day after Thanksgiving, people do not think you're annoying or a freak to be excited about Christmas.  I'm planning on putting on the carols and setting up the tree later on tonight.

I went on a 2 mile run today on the sandy shoulder of the Great Highway bike path.  My right shin (the one I chronically have problems with) is already starting to complain a little with my increased mileage.  The right shin is something I've learned to live with the last few years.  So far the left shin that I busted in August feels great.  I started my icing regimen and am going to keep close tabs on how the leg is doing.  Oh, and for the first time this season I listened to holiday songs during the run.


Mica said...

That's a super-cute running skirt. I'll have to check out the company.

I'm glad that someone else gets publicly excited for Christmas starting on Black Friday. Unfortunately, finals put a HUGE damper on my Christmas excitement. Nevertheless, I am going to make a Christmas music playlist for running as soon as I get home!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Our favorite radio station has been broadcasting Christmas songs since Halloween! That's a tad bit early for me! Otherwise, I'm with ya!

ShirleyPerly said...

That's skirt looks great on you! Thanks for the coupon code. I'm heading over there to see what they got.

Marci said...

OMG - where was I? Why didn't I read this post. That is a very cute skirt, thanks for posting!