Tuesday, October 14, 2008

6 miler, Angel, Pocket!

My 6 mi run yesterday turned into more of a 6 mi run/walk.  Can't say I felt that bad, but just didn't feel like pushing myself as much as I had the previous 4.5 mi run.  Part of the problem was probably the smokey scent in the air from the Angel Island wildfire.  However, this was my first run in Golden Gate Park in over 2 months so I was very happy to be there.  I've been doing most of my comeback running on the flat terrain (the soft shoulder & lack of downhills being good for the shin) at the Great Highway so figured I should get some hills in before the Nike race.

After this rather sad run I've decided to stick to my San Jose run/walk plan for Nike.  If I feel okay at the end I can push a little more, but I think this is the best bet to get through the distance without feeling too horribly.  

I do miss the training that I was doing before this Shin Thing, and am looking forward to working at building back up my base mileage after Nike.

When my parents were here my mom gave me an angel pin.  She said she worries about me riding my bike.  I stuck it on the key tether of my Timbuk2 saddle bag.  I am still a bike weenie and need all the good thoughts I can get.

I wore my Sugoi Fizz tank at San Jose and am IN LOVE with the back pocket.  I stuck my little baggie of Cliff Shot Bloks in it and they didn't bother me the entire way.  It's much nicer than having to wear a Fuel Belt or mushing them into the skirt pockets.  I've been using a hand-held water bottle that has a pocket to hold my bloks during training runs.  This works great, but the bottle is larger than I need during races.  During races I tend to like to use my little 8 oz Fuel Belt bottle (even smaller than the one pictured...I've got old technology) and just refill as needed.  So now I can use my small bottle and not have to wear any belt device to hold the bloks.  I am on a mission to find other similar-style tops with back pockets for races!


audgepodge said...

What a cute angel pin! Moms are the best.

How was the smoke at GG park? I was wondering if that might affect Nike this weekend. Hopefully not!

BTW - I still have a little bit of pain since SJ RnR and I haven't done much running since then. I'm a little scared for Sunday, to say the least!

Marci said...

I use a hand-held water bottle, but I don't have one with a pocket! I bought a bra top at an expo one that had storage. So much better than the waste belt!

losangelesdaze said...

That pin is so cute! I'm sorry you had to run/walk for fear of the shin acting up, but it's better to take it easy so that you have a long running career ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of your mum, the pin is lovely!

The run/walk plan sounds good.. don't over exert yourself or the shin, otherwise you might not enjoy the race experience :)

Julianne said...

Just checked out your sidebar and looks like we've ran the same races around the bay area! Good luck this weekend at the NIke Half!! :-)

Hopefully the smoke will clear by this weekend!!

*aron* said...

GAH i hate the smoke... back in june when all the fires were burning the east bay was disgusting with all the smoke so i definitely feel for you on that!

good luck this weekend!!!

Rachel said...

Awesome job! I will be in San Fran this weekend for the women's marathon!