Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shoe Stingy

Boyfriend and I went to Road Runner Sports to get fit into new running shoes.  I've been dragging my heels about getting this done since I've had such great experiences at JackRabbit (which unfortunately is located almost 3000 miles away now).  We stumbled into this store when we first came to the area and it was the only running store I came across in the Bay Area which did video analysis like JackRabbit.  I've never been a fan of, "run up and down the aisle while I watch you."

I have to say, they did a very thorough analysis before they even got shoes out.  Of course, both of us being veterans of good fits we already knew what type of shoe we needed.  What I didn't like was the lack of video analysis once I got their recommended shoes on.  I had to ask to get taped while running in the shoes I was thinking of getting.  Though they were very patient and very nice I also felt like there was more of a sales-mentality going on since they worked off of comission (vs. JackRabbit which did not).

I was between the Asics GT-2130 and the Asics Gel-Kayano 14.  I actually had to ask to see the 2130's because they kept bringing out $100+ shoes which I've generally tried to avoid in the past.  The Kayanos admittedly felt a teensy bit nicer with the better cushioning, but for $40 more (and the fact I generally need to replace these things every 300 or so miles) I was reluctant to spring for the Kayanos.  Boyfriend thought I should get the more expensive ones but they have a 60 day guarantee which means I can run in the cheaper ones for a bit and see if they'll do the trick.  So here it is, my new shoe.  I have good memories with the 2100 shoe so maybe a trip down memory lane with the 2130's is just what I need.

Everyone involved today thought that my current NB 767's which have exactly 230 miles on them are ready for the donation bucket.  Something about how twisty they were.  In fact, I felt like they were gearing up to teach me a shocking lesson about how I shouldn't wear my shoes for 700 miles when I told them they were only 230 miles old.  I was also shocked at how much slapping noise I made when they had me run on the treadmill barefoot.  I never thought I was a heavy footed runner, but I guess there's no contesting that fact now.  The guy at the store felt I'd get maybe 50 more miles out of the Kayanos vs. the 2130's, but for the price difference I'd rather replace the 2130's more frequently if I have to.  We'll see how things go the next two months running in the shoes.

So yes, I did run a little today.  On the treadmill for 10 second spurts and around the store.  Let's just say it felt so good but also hurt like heck.  Hmm..."hurt like heck" may sound a little strong.  I may get another admonishment for attempting to run soon.  So I will say, it "was a little uncomfortable."  

No real running today, definitely no running tomorrow.  I am holding onto hope of a possible run Thursday.


losangelesdaze said...

I have these shoes, but in the light blue color. No complaints here! I attribute the little discomfort in my legs to increasing my mileage and my legs not being used to running that much. Hope you like them!

The Bunns said...

Woo Hoo ... Mario!!!!!

Jodi said...

It must be shoe season! Everybody's getting new shoes :-) They look nice!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Well, I can't say I am surprised that you had a better experience at a place with rabbit in the name.....