Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Mario

My favorite running store in NYC is JackRabbit.  Never mind that they do great foot strike analysis and recommend great shoes without a sales pitch.  Who cares that they have great customer service?  The thing I LOVE about JackRabbit is their logo.  I mean come on!  A RUNNING RABBIT who appears to be a LOP bunny (hard to tell with all of the velocity going on, but Mario thinks if he sat still for a moment Mr. JackRabbit would definitely be a lop).  Just so you know, that biking, swimming and yoga bunny came after the original running rabbit.  I miss JackRabbit dearly.  They were kind enough to mail me (sans postage charge) some JackRabbit gear over to San Francisco.  I got an email from them a couple weeks back with this snippet:

Oh, how I wish I were in NYC now to swipe up a bunch of these babies.  I feel so Earthy Green when I use my reusable shopping bags.  Such a warm fuzzy feeling.  And how much better would that warm fuzzy feeling be with a JackRabbit bag?!  I don't have the gall to ask them to mail me one of these puppies, but Boyfriend is going to NYC in July and I'm really hoping they still have a few left.

I got out twice on the bike this weekend for a total of 26 miles.  For the first time ever, my total bike mileage for the week (40.4 miles) was higher than my running mileage (34.1 miles).  Today I ran about 5.3 miles with intervals.  I'm going to try to keep up the speed work this month until I re-enter the structured training program in July.  Tonight we're planning on watching "Sex and the City."  I had wanted to watch the entire series again before the movie, but settled for re-watching the last two episodes.  Hope it's worth paying movie theatre prices!

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Runner Leana said...

Those bags look fabulous! Fingers crossed you can get your hands on a few when BF visits in July. I picked up a bunch of reusable shopping bags when I was down in Australia a few years ago and I love them. Great job on the bike mileage! I'm hoping it stops raining here soon so I can get back on mine.