Monday, June 16, 2008

Choose a Tri

I've done some tinkering and have concluded that for the duathlon my paces were:
Run 1:  9:46 min/mile
Bike:  16.79 mph
Run 2:  9:38 min/mile
My garmin measured the run course to be 0.1 miles too long for each run leg and I'm inclined to believe the garmin.  It also measured the bike course to be about 0.5m too short.  I know Garmins aren't 100% accurate, but 0.1 miles is a lot of error in my opinion for a 1.5 mile course.  I'll usually get about a 0.2 mile error for a 26.2 mile course.  Also, I don't think Garmins are known to measure courses too short unless they actually are.  So, I probably ran a little faster than the above paces and rode a little slower on the bike.

I had a lot of fun at the duathlon and am looking forward to doing more of them.  Even with the short/long courses and strange set-up I enjoyed the event put on by the Mermaid group.  I'm still shooting for a sprint triathlon in late September.  Right now I'm planning on signing up for the See Jane Tri triathlon.  Coincidentally there is a sprint triathlon the day after being put on by the Mermaid people.  On my way home I was thinking about whether I'd like to enter another Jane event or Mermaid event.

Some things I have dug up since:  1) The Jane tri is in a lake and the Mermaid tri is in the ocean.  It seems I would definitely need a wetsuit for the Mermaid tri but not the Jane tri.  While I hate the idea of strange bugs and creatures living in fresh water lakes, I also hate the idea of sharks, currents, and fumbling with a wetsuit for my first tri.  2) The bike course for the Mermaid tri has "several steep uphills. (let's not sugar-coat this, people!)"  The only mention of a hill for the Jane tri is one out of the transition area.  I think it has been established that I am a bike-riding hill weenie  3) The Mermaid tri is 1.5 hours away from house, the Jane tri is 1 hour away.  Also previously established is my aversion to early rising  4) Since the announcers at both of the events seemed to love to do this, I've decided I'd rather be called a "Jane" all day by the announcer than a "Mermaid."  

So, I think I'll be sticking with the See Jane Tri for my first.

Boyfriend says I am not really a "multi-sport" athlete yet.  His reasoning:  "If you bought multigrain bread, you'd expect there to be more than just two kinds of grain in there."  He's a triathlete so I guess he's justified.  But I will take this opportunity to state that my marathon PR is faster than his.  :)

Yesterday I ran an easy 5 miles and today I did a little more than 5 with 3 miles of tempo-pace in the middle of the run.  I'm not sure how much cycling I'll be getting in the next month.  I honestly enjoy the running more and it's my A-game sport right now.  I'm hoping to do at least two rides a week before the structured training plan starts mid-July.

Ferdinand:  So what did you think of the course?
Specialized bike:  Not bad...pretty flat...that stretch with all the grass growing in the cracks of the road was a bit hairy, though.
Ferdinand:  I agree.  Can you believe everyone else has come to get their bikes and we're the last two left here on this rack?!  This is the thanks we get.  Jailed here while our riders go shopping at the expo.
Specialized bike:  I know.  Ingrates.
Ferdinand:  Hey, I like your red handlebar tape!  Very snazzy.
Specialized bike:  Thanks!  I bet they make it in pink.  It would make you look really pretty.
Ferdinand:  I'm a boy.
Specialized bike:  Oh, err...


Rabbits' Guy said...

I vote for Multi-sport!!!

After a bunch of us did our first sprint tri we all got shirts that said "I Tri" and the kids got shirts that said "My Mom Tris"

Fun ...

Runner Leana said...

Way to go on your duathlon, and running faster in the second leg! That's terrific.

And yes, I think you are a multi-sport athlete! After all, multi means more than one, and throwing biking and running in together makes for multi in my books!

Both tris sound like a lot of fun, but I would avoid the hillier bike course maybe.