When I was younger, I couldn't run one lap around a track without walking.  I hated running.  In 2001, I started on a journey that ultimately led me to becoming a runner.  I finished my first marathon at Walt Disney World in 2005 and have been hooked on long distance running ever since.  I don't run as a means to an end for anything in particular.  The simple act of running is what brings me all the satisfaction.  I've tackled multiple marathoning (16 in 12 months) and have since switched gears to chasing down a BQ.  I took a bit of a break from running from 2013-2015 after pelvic stress fractures sidelined me and then I decided to use that down time to have a baby.  I'm working my way slowly back to that BQ goal.


I adopted Mario on March 6, 2004 from an animal shelter in Connecticut.  I made the trip out to New Haven (why yes, Mario is a Yale grad) from New York City and picked him up at a train station.  I adopted him without any sort of meet-and-greet having only seen his ad on Petfinder.  Mario was named by my friend after the Nintendo character from Super Mario Bros. since they both sport mustaches.  Mario was my first indoor house rabbit and he has filled my life and heart with so much joy.  He made the cross country car trip from New York City to San Francisco with my husband and I in 2007.  Mario enjoys long naps, bananas, and paper shredding.  I enjoyed over 10 wonderful years with Mario and you can read about the end of our journey here.

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