Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mario

Mario assumes his typical daytime position.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Mario

Sometimes the best pieces are hidden at the top.

The hay feeder has been a big hit with Mario.  It is so entertaining, I could watch him searching for the perfect piece and then yanking it out all day.  I recently had to get him oat hay instead of his usual grass hay.  It looks like bland blah straw but Mario LOVES this new hay a lot.  He has even chosen to eat the hay when there is a fresh pile to sift through over fresh vegetables!  I wish I had gotten him a hay feeder years ago.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mario

A rare total bunny eclipse.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Mario

Yesterday we went to Bunnyfest 2013!   Last year we were out of the country so I was looking forward to going this year.  My goal was to pick up something nice for Mario.  I always think he has everything he needs but I usually find something new to get him at Bunnyfest.

The main thing I always want to do at Bunnyfest is to see Dr. Carolynn Harvey speak about rabbit health.  She is a local rabbit savvy veterinarian and I always learn something from her.  Sadly we were unable to make it in time to see her whole talk but we did catch the tail end and I did learn something new.

We caught a lecture on rabbit bonding:

These buns were SO cute.  Especially the little black lop.  He had so much energy and it made me wonder what living with a young rabbit must be like.  I hardly remember those days.
I didn't purchase raffle tickets as I have in the past but we were given two free tickets when we got there.  Can you believe that I actually won one of the free raffle ticket prizes?  The prize was a Vacation Villa which is basically a glorified giant cardboard house for your rabbit to play in.  I could tell my husband was not so thrilled that we won.  He was picturing just where this cardboard box would get erected in our living room.  But I gleefully claimed my prize.  Mario is not a cardboard chewer but he does like to climb so I am hoping he will explore it a bit whenever I get up the nerve to assemble it and plop it into the middle of our living room.

Welcome to Casa de Mario!

I almost bought that wooden stool with all the toys hanging off it for Mario but he basically ignores those types of things so I figured it would be a big waste of money.

Someone was walking around handing out carrots!  Mario has eaten all the tops but has so far only gotten one bottom. We'll probably have to help him with those.

The highlight of my day was meeting Marinell Harriman.  For my runner friends, this woman is the Kathrine Switzer of my rabbit world.  She recently released the fifth edition of her book, "House Rabbit Handbook."  I wasn't originally planning on getting one but she was there!  In person!  And I couldn't resist.  For the record, I now have THREE copies of this book.  I got the revised edition when I was about 11 years old.  I read the thing cover to cover and was so fascinated by the idea of having an indoor rabbit. My pet rabbits of childhood were outdoor buns since my parents had a strict no-animal-in-the-house-policy.  I bought the third edition when I was in my late teens just because I planned on getting a house bunny one day when I was a liberated adult.  And now in my 30s I picked up the fifth edition.

My three copies of "House Rabbit Handbook."
I was thinking about how much this little book shaped my view of rabbits.  How it led me to get an indoor bunny.  How in essence this book led me to Mario.  And I thought about how this book instigated the formation of the House Rabbit Society and how many rabbits out there have benefited from it.  Quite frankly, just like when I met Kathrine Switzer, I felt a bit verklempt.

Marinell signing my book!
I got my photo with Marinell and told her how this was my third copy and how I read my first copy when I was just a child.  She asked me how old my bunny was and I proudly told her that Mario was ten.

Fuzzed out my name but I am so tickled about this!
I also did manage to find Mario an awesome new gadget.  I have been meaning to get him a hay feeder for a while.  In his older age his hay consumption has dropped off a bit which I am sure is the cause of his sometimes gastro issues and possibly his dental issues.  I noticed he is much more gung-ho about his hay when his litter box is fresh (I don't blame him).  I wanted to be able to offer him clean hay 24-7. Most hay feeders are fairly large and usually quite expensive.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary was selling metal hay feeders for just $10.  And the size is perfect for Mario's set-up.  I gladly gave them my money and brought home this:

Mario has been nibbling from it and I am happy he has this option now.  Looking at this I have to remark how rabbits are really just tiny horses.

Two years ago at Bunnyfest someone was handing out samples of blueberry flavored alfalfa? treats which I brought home and Mario LOVED.  But I couldn't figure out who had been handing them out so I couldn't buy more for him (bad marketing there).  But this year the vendor was back and selling them by the bag.  I bought two of them since they were only $2 each.  As a bonus, they make our home smell amazing and I sort of want to buy a large amount to use as a potpourri/treat bin.

I also found myself some goodies.  First, this caught my eye on the hodgepodge of rabbit adorned stuff table. I like to leave my wedding rings in a ring holder when I take them off so I don't misplace them.  I have one holder that I keep in the bedroom but I often take them off in the kitchen area when I wash dishes.  I thought the little rabbit ring holder would be perfect as a second-location drop spot.

I also spotted this behind the House Rabbit Society table:

Bless my husband for saying I could get it if I really loved it.  I thought he would veto it right away.  It isn't my usual style but something about it makes me feel strangely calm and reminds me of old paintings you see in UK museums.  I always love buying stuff at Bunnyfest because I know the proceeds from most sale tables go to rabbit rescue.

So all in all it was a great day.  The temperature was ridiculously hot (it hit 94 so they had to cancel the outdoor rabbit clicker training demo) and I was fairly surprised at how many people brought their rabbits this year.  Even without the high temps I am always surprised at the number of rabbits that are there because Mario would NOT like the whole idea of getting carted down to a large gathering like that.  I am amazed also at how many totally blissed out rabbits were sitting in people's laps and arms during the lectures.  Lap rabbit envy.

p.s.  Look who I spied as an honorable mention in the photo contest that that The Rabbit Haven had for their event publication: