Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 12; Last Big Week!

This video of a bunny who thinks he is a herding dog circled the rabbit webs a few weeks ago.  Two things:  1. Since I do my long runs on Fridays & have the moniker, "RoadBunner," I LOVE the song (Yes, it is a bit sadistic being about rabbit pie and all; Yes, I am a nerd and bought it; Yes, I am a dork and also put it on my running playlist.)  2. My animal science professor in college said this, and now I am totally convinced:  Sheep are the stupidest animals on Earth.

Saturday:  Bikram Yoga

Sunday:  8 miles @ 8:46 pace, including 2x 15 minutes @ 7:55, 7:54 pace with 3 min recovery; I did this same workout in December when I first started this training plan and my paces for the pick-ups were 8:13 and 8:07.  One of my goals for the year is to bring my tempo pace sub-8:00.  Don't think I consider 15 minutes (a little under 2 miles each pick-up) tempo distance-wise, but I'm feeling like pretty soon I'll be able to do 4 miles at this pace at tempo effort.

Monday:  12 miles @ 9:11 pace; Plan called for a moderate effort and I probably should have gone for 9:00 pace.  Felt great the whole time, except for the wind tunnel otherwise known as The Great Highway.  It was a beautiful, sunny day but the wind was murder down on the beach.  I knew it was going to be windy and thought about staying within Golden Gate Park where it wouldn't be as relentless, but decided to suck it up.  Hands down, wind is my least favorite weather condition.  I'd rather run in rain.

Tuesday:  5 miles @ 9:43 pace, Bikram Yoga

Wednesday:  10.1 miles @ 8:45 pace, including middle 8 miles @ 8:28 pace; The plan I am following does not believe in doing too much marathon pace work too early on.  Something about peaking too early.  Not 100% sure I believe in this stuff, but seeing as how I rarely did any marathon pace work in the past, who am I to say?  The middle 8 today were supposed to be at marathon pace.  I've recently been reevaluating my goals for Modesto and the last few weeks have been training with 8:30 as my goal pace.  Yeah, that sounds crazy to me, too.  I haven't nailed down my strategy yet, but figure I can't lose from training at a slightly faster pace.  Generally, the pace today felt comfortably hard -- about what my goal pace usually feels like.

Friday:  18 miles @ 8:45 pace; This was a MP+20 run and I nailed the pace I was aiming for.  I have come so far this training cycle.  My first "hard" long run on the plan back in December was 12 miles with the middle 10 at MP+10-20 sec.  I was so nervous for that run and managed to do the middle 10 @ 8:53 pace.  I wasn't nervous for today's run and ran much further and faster.  Obviously 18 is not 26.2, but it still feels pretty good when a non-super race pace would yield almost a ten minute PR; Bikram Yoga.

And finally, it is taper time!  Wow.  Where did this training cycle go?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Strategy? Uh - Go to Modesto, Run like hell.

The only things I like about running in wind are a) tailwind sooner or later and b) I don't have to move my feet so fast to get a good workout!

Jade said...

My husband worked on a farm years ago--yes, sheep are the stupidest animals on earth. :)

Alisa said...

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Great work chica, I can't wait to hear you ROCK modesto.

naomi said...

It feels like this training cycle has just flown by! Now that you are in taper, I am available for many rungry meals... :)