Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mario & Peak Week

I've been doing lots of running since Half Moon Bay as I try to get some fitness back for the Two Cities Marathon in a couple of weeks.  Here is last week's recap:

Sunday:  12 miles (2 miles @ 9:14 pace, 10 miles pacing KM at the end of the Nike Women's Marathon); I have never had any desire to do this race and after seeing the last 10 miles of the course, I am can say with all certainty that I will never run this marathon.  KM battled through a sprained ankle and some tummy issues to collect her Tiffany's pendant.

Tuesday:  10 miles, including 7 miles @ 8:27 pace; My best 7 mile tempo was at an 8:22 pace shortly before my hip blew up.  Considering the short period of time I've been back to normal running, I was pretty thrilled to have completed this run as close to that tempo PR as I did.  Also, I felt amazingly good this run.  The pace didn't seem hard and I could have kept it up a few more miles.

Wednesday:  10 miles @ 9:44 pace; My legs felt suprisingly fresh after the hard run the day before.

Friday:  22 miles @ 9:28 pace, consisting of 4 easy, 2 MP (9:00), 2 easy, 2 MP (8:55), 2 easy, 2 MP (8:57), 2 easy, 2 MP (8:54), 3 easy, 1 MP (8:57); I tried to shoot for a 9:00ish pace for the marathon pace (MP) miles.  I've done some MP work in 16 milers before but have never tried it in a 20+ mile run.  I suppose we'll see how it worked out in a few weeks.

I also managed to make it to Bikram yoga 4 times this week.

I had the above photo pre-loaded for today's post.  I decided to catch some of the more mundane Mario moments.  He looks like a crotchety old man chewing on his hay.

Last night I gave Mario his veggies and pellets before bedtime.  In very un-typical Mario fashion he totally ignored them :(  He refused all the food and even higher-value treats.  He is definitely not himself and I am worried sick.  I've been giving him simethicone and fluids and we have a vet appointment later today.  Fingers and paws crossed for him.


The Fab Furs said...

Hopping that things go well at the vet's!!

masterofboots said...

Oh dear, to refuse food. Hope that your bunny would get well soon.

bunnygirl said...

Oh, no. I hope my little buddy is okay. Cadbury, Dan and I send our best wishes. Please update us soon!

naomi said...

You have been running solid runs for a few months now. I am very excited about Fresno for you! And I hope Mario is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Mario. He has many well-wishes coming his way.

Rachel said...

wow, stellar week! you are getting so strong, you're gonna kill two cities! sorry to hear about mario, hope he feels better soon.