Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wings & Week 1

It has been a while since we had a Rowdy photo! This horse will stand there looking at you with his ears pricked like this for far longer than any other horse I have ever met. This means I have TONS of photos like this.

Rowdy is not doing so well right now. I went out on Monday and he was limping pretty badly on his front foreleg. They are giving him pain killers and I know they have moved him to a flatter paddock. He was still happy to see me and I took him out for some grooming and grazing. He didn't seem reluctant to walk when asked and wasn't trying to keep weight off the leg when standing so I'm hoping it isn't so terrible. Hopefully it is just some old-man ache that goes away soon.

I decided to start up my week workout wrap-ups again. It may start to feel sort of redundant what with my posting on Daily Mile, but I'll try it for a bit and see how it goes.

Sunday: 7 miles @ 9:21 pace; It felt natural so I went with the flow and pushed just a little at the end.

Tuesday: 6.2 miles including 4 mile @ 8:30 pace; My fastest tempo run ever was on February 22nd, the day Wings dropped me on my head. I had never run an 8:30 average pace before and I was so jazzed to be so close to dropping my tempo pace down into the 8:20's. Well it appears I am back where I left off which is really suprising to me. I thought I'd have to do these workouts this month slower than where I left off and hopefully upon repeating them the following month I'd gain some ground on my old speed. Not so. Thank you, legs.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9:55 pace; Generally Wednesdays come with heavy legs from Tuesday speed. I felt pretty good this day, though. I even went up Strawberry Hill once. I am trying to incorporate Strawberry Hill ascents and descents a lot more into my training. Strawberry Hill is a half a mile incline that really gets your heart pumping. I'm still tinkering with how and where I fit the hill work in, but I love it.

Friday: 12 miles @ 9:29 pace; Much faster than I would generally do a long run (yes, 12 miles is a long run these days) but it felt like a comfortable working pace so I let myself stick with it. When I trained for San Francisco back in 2009 I remember that my tempo pace was in the 9:20's and I was really jazzed about that. I find it very encouraging to see how far I've come since then.


naomi said...

so glad to hear that you're picking up right where you left off. gives me hope to take it easy right now and not rush myself back when the foot isn't quite ready yet.

Rabbits' Guy said...

You get a release form from the horse for the picture?

Keep going! Getting faster!