Friday, August 13, 2010

Peak Week

Sunday: 13.8 miles @ 10:44 pace; I was supposed to run 11 miles this day but was having such a fun time with Maritza I decided to stick with her for her long run. It's amazing how quick this many miles goes by when you've got great company.

Tuesday: 10 miles including 7 miles @ 8:58 pace; I didn't hit the pace I wanted to (was aiming for something in the low 8:50's/high 8:40's) but I am really proud I kept up the effort for the full 7 miles. The last few weeks when I've gone out for this type of speed work I've had to stop to take a few walking breaks. This has been really frustrating and I've started to get anxious before these types of runs. So hopefully this will be the breakthrough week and we can go back to our regularly scheduled broadcasting now.

Wednesday: 10 miles @ 10:04 pace; I've definitely hit that point again where 10 miles seems like a normal run day. My legs were pretty dead the first few miles, but as they usually do on my Wednesday runs, they perked up the last half of the run.

Friday: 20 miles @ 10:30 pace; Last 20 miler of this training cycle in the bag! I won't say I felt like I could keep going and going at mile 20, but mentally the run went by pretty quickly.

And with that I start my two week taper for the Santa Rosa Marathon. This isn't an A-race but I do have some time goals which I'll go into later.

I never really showed any photos from my time in Utah in June. This was taken from Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake the day after the second marathon. You'll notice the weather did a complete 180 from the previous two days.


the dawn said...

wowza! that is a serious mileage week! i'm tired just looking at it...of course i could just be tired in general so the idea of running pushes me over the edge.

good work making it through your peak week. bring on the taper!

Nicole said...

oh my gosh! that picture is beautiful!!! :) :) nice job on the running girl!! you rocked it! i wish i could have maritza as a running budy! she rocks! :)

cliff said...

that's a really really nice picture.

rUntoNamAste said...

Holy lotsa mileage! Enjoy your well deserved taper :) Beautiful picture by the way!

EndorphinBuzz said...

I love peak week because that means that taper and the cherry on the Sunday that race day brings are near!

Good luck in Santa Rosa!

Mica said...

Nice peak weak! So many high mileage runs!

That photo is awesome. Did you take it? It looks like a postcard!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a beautiful photo, it looks a lovely place

Rabbits' Guy said...

Great pic! Do you still work in some shorter (4 or 5 miles) speed runs during the next 2 weeks? Might help keep your aerobics in good shape for a fast Marathon!

I bet that Santa Rosa route is a pretty one ... let's see - that is up North a bit isn't it?

audgepodge said...

Ah, yes, that good ole 10 mile run. :)

Gorgeous picture!

Anonymous said...

damng girl you had a big mileage week! nice work and enjoy taper :)


Alisa said...

Wow that is some serious mileage! I miss being able to say that 10 miles is no biggy.

Antelope lake is stinky and buggy I remember =).