Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just When I Thought I was Tough...

Yesterday I got up and the sun was shining and the skies were blue!  There were some predicted "scattered showers" that moved through the area but shortly after lunch I figured it was safe to venture out for a run.  The weather at the time looked nice enough that I even threw on my sunglasses.  When I got out there was an ominous gray cloud of death hanging out which I guess I hadn't noticed from my apartment.  I decided to do a nice 3 mi out-and-back run.  The first 1.5 mi of the run was windy and chilly, but nothing terrible compared to the day before.

As I neared my turn-around point it started to drizzle a little bit.  After the more steady downpour of the day before I wasn't too perturbed.  A little later it started to rain harder.  And then, the rain started to hurt.  That's right, the rain had turned to HAIL.  We get hail in San Francisco!?  Remember, I'm from Hawaii so hail is sort of a very rare and odd concept for me.  It wasn't too large (maybe rice grain sized) but with the wind it really hurt!  Talk about motivation to pick up the pace.  This lasted about half a mile, then it turned into a hail/rain slushy mess.  I wasn't wearing quite as many layers as the day before so was pretty much an icicle by the time I got home.

So for two days in a row, my running clothes ended up hanging over the bathtub to dry.  I also treated myself to another mug of hot chocolate.

Today Boyfriend and I went on a 4.5 mi run.  He talked me into wearing something he bought me for Christmas last year.  I have to admit that today was the first time I ever ran in it!  It's a fairly heavy-weight top and before I went full cold-weather weenie on myself it was something I didn't really see myself wearing unless it was 40 degrees out.  There were a few moments during the run it was a little much for me.  I tend to like to under dress for the weather because I hate heating up mid-run (as a comparison, today I wore that top and a skirt versus Boyfriend who wore tights, base shirt, pull-over similar to mine, hat, and gloves).  But I have to admit I wasn't nearly as overheated in it as I thought I'd be!

I remember the days when 45 degrees sounded positively heavenly and balmy.  When I was in college one of my friends who had gone to school in Colorado called to say that it was 65 degrees out and he was so happy he could wear shorts.  "You're wearing shorts in 65 degree weather?!"  In Hawaii, 65 degrees is a darn chilly day.  When I moved to Scotland and NYC I finally understood where he was coming from.  I guess being in California is sliding me back to the Hawaii end of my temperature rating.

In semi-exciting news I finally got a San Francisco Public Library card today.  I've been meaning to go for almost a year.  I mean, how many times in your life do you sign up for a public library card (this is my third)?  I used to get tons of books in NYC to read from the library and am looking forward to doing that again.


bunnygirl said...

That sucks about getting caught out in the hail. A couple years ago Dan and I were at a hotel in Fort Stockton (one of the few towns you can stop at between central Texas and El Paso) and a big hailstorm moved in. There was a young couple on the balcony watching like it was the most amazing thing they'd ever seen. As it turned out, they were from California and had never seen hail before!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, you are now ready for the 7:00 pm winter-solstice headlamp 5-mile run up here at the grounds of the old Mental Institution on Dec20. Usually windy, cold, icy, and dark! Did I mention scary? But - only costs $2!

Look ... sailors don't improve on calm seas! Good going!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, running in the hail! Thank goodness for hot chocolate :p It's my ultimate remedy for most bad things hee hee

hmm.. can't seem to load the page with the outfit that BF got you..

Julianne said...

You ran in that hail yesterday? Yikes!! I stayed indoors most of the day yesterday. Which suited me just fine! I went on a run today and it was FREEZING!

Oh also, let me know when you sign up for Big Sur!

Marathon Maritza said...

Wow way to kick butt on a hail run! Hail is pretty rare in SF, but it's been uncharacteristically cold this year. It definitely hails in the East Bay on me though...last 2 years we've had snow at ground level!!! What?! This not what I live in Cali for!! :)

I wanna hear more about Scotland!!! Where did you live??? I adore Scotland! I would love to live there for a time too!

YowlYY said...

Hail is no fun , running or not. Well done to brave the elements, and thumbs up for hot chocolate...thinking of which, I am going to make myself a cup when I am done here :)
Reading is one of my top hobbies...what would I do without books I wonder...so, what are you going to read next?

PS: I too am curious to hear where you lived in Scotland...I go there fairly often, love it, but Mr D wouldn't want to go back :(

*aron* said...

its been COLD!!! cold for us :) great job getting out there!

ShirleyPerly said...

When I got into Kona last night, it was in the high 60's and some of the locals were wearing coats.

I'm impressed with your tolerance for cold weather!

Erin said...

We don't get hail too often here either but we get it during thunderstorms in the summer sometimes! It's cool to see!