Friday, December 26, 2008

Boyfriend Apparently Communes With God

On Christmas Eve I planned what I would wear to the Christmas Couples Relay.  I figured it would be fun to be festive so I set out my carbon/red running skirt and a green top.  Boyfriend has a carbon/red running top so I asked him if he'd wear it so we could match and be Christmasy together.  In other words, I was excited about the race.

I woke up at 8 am Christmas morning.  I had figured if we left the apartment by 8:30 we'd make it up to Golden Gate Park in time for the couple's relay race.  Let me just say that the entire night the wind was howling, the apartment was shaking, and rain would be falling in spurts.  I secretly didn't have very high hopes of going to the race as Boyfriend had only very begrudgingly agreed and he said any really foul weather would cancel the plan.  

When I got up the wind was silent!  There was no rain falling!  I was very excited and got totally dressed and ready to go before getting Boyfriend out of bed.  About 2 minutes after I woke him up the wind started to pick up and rain started to fall.  As I peered out the window I realized that what was falling was a HAIL-rain mix attached to some wicked wind.  Even I wasn't so keen on going out for a 2 mile run (that also involved standing around waiting for your other relay half to complete their leg) in this weather.  Boyfriend gave me a look.  

And then as I stood there wavering about whether to let us off the hook, there was a flash of light.  And then THUNDER.  And with that any hope of attending the Christmas Blind Date Relays were dashed.

The ironic thing was within half an hour the weather was very much improved.  Within two hours it was blue skies and sunshine (which has lasted ever since).

Boyfriend must have been really good this year because I think his Christmas wish came true.

Side-Note:  This was a free, non-timed fun run so we hadn't paid anything and wouldn't have had any finish time.  So that part of it made it easy to let go.  I'll run in just about anything but I draw the line at lightening.  Of course, there was only one acutely timed thunder clap.  This makes me think that in the future I should ask Boyfriend to put in any other-worldly requests that I might have.

A couple of picture highlights from the morning:

When we first started opening presents, Mario did a full-on flop.  I think he was trying to act disinterested since there was no gift under the tree for him :(

We have a running joke that Mario has $10.00 to his name.  When we left NYC for San Francisco my aunt sent me a good-luck present.  In the attached card was a $20 bill and the note, "A little something for treats for Boyfriend and Mario."  We had a good laugh that Mario's share was $10.00.  We've probably spent his $10.00 twenty times over by now.  I'll make jokes like, "Mario said he'd pitch in his ten bucks for rent," or "Mario said he'll pay for his share of the vegetables," etc.  Well this year I spent Mario's money on a gift for us.  Bunnies poop.  A lot.

As I mentioned before it's pretty chilly in our apartment.  Boyfriend got me these snuggly socks to wear.  They even have little grippies on the bottoms.  I call them my frog feet.

After we were done opening presents Mario was in a virtual playground.  After weeks of pining over presents he was able to rip and shred and chew to his heart's content.  

In lieu of his ordered gift I prepared a Christmas breakfast feast for him.  Basil, carrot pieces, craisins, pellets, grape stems (with one grape still attached!), and a leftover butt of a broccoli.  Mario loves him some broccoli.  The broccoli log was the biggest hit!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!  I decided to lounge around watching old Christmas shows the rest of the morning/early afternoon before heading out to dinner.  But I did go out for my first bona fide 7 mile run today!  I felt great and could have kept going a few miles more.  Time to start penciling out a marathon training plan!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Well! Things worked out nicely!

However might I suggest you NOT let BF think he can commune with GOD much. You might not like what he "hears"/"sees"/or "Gets Done!"

losangelesdaze said...

Hahaha frog feet!

I love that picture of Mario where he acts disinterested.

d. moll, said...

My rabbits chip in too, usually for damages. They bought BF a new answering machine once....I got socks with toes (Injinji). Socks are in this year.

Mica said...

I didn't get to run on Christmas day either. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

My mom gave my dog a "broccoli log" and it made for some gassy results. Hopefully Mario is better equipped to deal with fiber...

bunnygirl said...

I did a spin workout on Christmas day instead of running. I love the Mario pics! It looks like he had a very hoppy Christmas!

Marci said...

Sorry about your couples race. It looks like Mario had a great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We don't blame you for not wanting to run with lightning in the sky, but you are right - it does seem like rather convenient timing!

We bet Mario had a great time with the wrapping paper. For a bun that's the best part of presents!

furrybutts said...

Cute socks!

Mario looks like he had a great Christmas! So many wrappers to shred, so little time :D Love the 'Poop Happens' frame!!

Julianne said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the hail part. I only remember sunshine on Xmas day! But then, I don't think I got up until 10am. Hehe. Well, maybe next year??? Maybe Duane and I will participate, too. :-)

And Mario is sooooo darn cute!! Love photos of him.

See you Wednesday!!!! :-)

Erin said...

Sounds like you had a lazy Christmas just like us:) Great pictures!!

Runner Leana said...

Sorry to hear the weather intervened so you couldn't get your run in! Love the pictures of Mario!

aron said...

looks like mario had a great christmas!!! eeek i didnt see any hail on christmas! maybe it didnt make it this far east :)

see you wednesday!!!