Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Mario

I almost forgot it was Monday.

Somebunny is O.U.T.  Notice the pellets strewn around the floor?  For a few days Mario was on a kick of flipping over his pellet bowl.  Once I even set it back up and he proceeded to flip it over twice right after!

Abuse it and lose it.  I put his old bowl which attaches to the side of the cage back up.  We call it the sippy cup bowl since he couldn't be trusted with the big kid one.

Looking sheepish with his kiddy bowl.

We were traveling last weekend and I was quite smug that when I went to pick Mario up from the bunnysitter, he had flipped over the pellet bowl there as well.  At least I know he doesn't act out just at home.  And it reinforced the idea I should continue with the new bowl at home.

On the running front, I hope I am coming upon some answers soon.  I had my pelvis x-rayed and that was negative. I had a MRI on Friday and am waiting for the results of that.  I saw a new physical therapist today and I really liked the assessment she gave me compared to the last two physical therapists I had seen.  She seems to think I do not have a pelvic misalignment but that I move in a misaligned way due to muscle imbalances.  I'm pursuing seeing her for a bit and am hoping there will be some useful progress made.  As soon as I get an all-clear from the MRI I'm hoping to start back up running again. I suppose I didn't have to stop the last 1.5 weeks, but I figured if I was getting it imaged I should just wait until I had those results.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Mario in charge!!! Even when OUT!

Sammie's Mom said...

Haha! My bunny used to like putting his paws onto the edge of his food dish to eat like a proper gentleman. Obviously I had to use one of these bolted food dishes STAT otherwise the poor thing would always flip over his dish! Happy munching, Mario!

Mr. Mick and Jade said...

*squee* for flopped Mario! Just want to scoop him up and squeeze him!

Mr. Mick's dishes are all attached to his cage sides because he cannot be trusted not to fling them. He will toss anything not nailed down when he's in the mood.

As for me, it's looking more and more like my hip problems are due to tightness and muscle imbalance as well. I've been working with two different people on the problem now, and we've determined that my right side is a little too flexible and that has thrown me completely out of whack. It also seems I need to stretch out my quads more often. As long as I keep active, I am pain-free, so that's become a motivator for me to get my lazy butt to the gym and the pool more.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Especially Mario!