Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Mario

I took a few sort-of rabbit related photos while in Scotland.  I'll probably be hijacking "Monday Mario" to share these for a little while.  While in Orkney, we visited The Tomb of the Eagles in South Ronaldsay.  It was a pretty interesting experience which I'd recommend if you are ever in the area.  Boyfriend and I learned that we are the perfect Neolithic couple.

Our heights exactly, down to my super-important extra 0.5"!
The walk to the tomb was a mile out from the visitor center.  This was a big theme the majority of the trip.  I regret not running this one since it was pretty runnable and would have taken half the time.  Plus, I had wanted to run three miles twice during our touring week and we never ran once.  But as you can see, we sure did walk and walk and walk all day.

There was a dog who was sitting outside the visitor center when we entered.  There is a long talk you get first and when we exited the center to walk to the site he perked up, and started walking with us.  He clearly must do this several times a day.  He was very patient and would wait for us to look at things and led the way.  I forgot to ask someone at the visitor center who he belonged to.

Our fluffy-tailed leader and a couple who was in our time slot.

Stop taking photos and come on, already!

Anyhow, this is rabbit related because on the walk back we took a little detour to see the cliffs and I saw this:

Not a bad view for some lucky bunnies.

The latest neighborhood offerings.

I think Mario would opt for the one with the flower garden outside.
So all you bunnies who are ready to retire, I know the perfect hole with a view in Scotland to purchase.

The End.


Rabbits' Guy said...

What a place!

Crafty Green Poet said...

How sweet to have your own personal tour guide! What a sweet dog.

Yes watch out for those bunny holes - I'm often surprised by how often i find rabbit warrens in places like that (though I've not visited that warren!)