Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Mario

Sorry for all the silence.  I already owe you two race reports and missed more than a couple "Monday Marios."  I'll try to catch up and do better.

Remember when I gave Mario willow wreaths?  He got into a little trouble with it and even did some interior decorating.

I had gotten Mario another set of wreaths for Christmas this year and recently gave him one of them.  I woke up one morning and checked on Mario and wished him a good morning.  Everything was any day normal.  I went into the bathroom, came out and saw this:

At first I was horrified and was about to spring into action to free him from the jaws of the willow wreath. But he didn't seem bothered by it so I took a moment to snap some shots as I couldn't believe how he had managed to do it, nor how he had done it so fast while I had stepped away.  I needed some photographic proof (much like the time he was actually sitting on top of his water bottle.  But I wasn't fast enough to document that one).

And then I realized how stupid he looked and it was actually sort of funny.

I thought it would be a battle to get it off, but I just held onto it gently and he hopped right out without any fanfare.  I'm just glad I saw him briefly before stepping into the bathroom because otherwise I would have felt terribly guilty that he had spent the entire night in that contraption.

So a funny Mario story, but also a little bit cautionary.  I haven't and won't leave him unsupervised with willow wreaths again.  It didn't seem to bother him, but I'm sure if he had gotten a leg stuck through it, that would have been a different story.


Jade said...

I have a photo of Mickey's predecessor, Karnage, sporting the remains of a cardboard Quaker Oats container like a corset. It had been gnawed down to about a 2"-3" ring, and for some reason, he had decided to try to go through the ring--which went over his front, but got stuck in the middle. Being the loving bunny-mom that I am, I immediately got the camera and snapped a few pics before I got the scissors and VERY carefully clipped it off him. Foo' wabbits--you never know what they'll do sometimes. Glad to see that the only damage done was to Mario's dignity. ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

that is quite funny and makes for very cute photos! But yes you've got to be careful with bunnies...

Rabbits' Guy said...

How did he ... oh who could know?

Take your time but we all await reports, even if brief!

Jade said...

Just for you and Mario, the story AND pics:

Hopefully Mario feels a little better now that he knows he's not the only bun to make a bit of a miscalculation as to butt size. ;)

bunnits said...

Those critters! What they can't get into. Our worst with both buns and cats has been the twisted paper handles of gift wrap bags. They get the front end through, then panic and drag the bag around with them, creating more panic. A zipping furball being chased by a flapping, noisy bag monster. Once caught and freed, things seem quite normal, but it is sheer terror for a while there. We try not to have those around the critters these days.