Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mario

Mario had his follow-up with the vet on Friday.  His eating and pooping is still not 100% and that worried her a little.  She thought his stomach still didn't feel normal so we redid the x-rays.  She said his stomach is about 50% the size it was when he went in acutely the first time, but she still thinks there is a mass or something in there that hasn't pushed through yet.  She's a little puzzled as to what it is as she says it doesn't look like a typical hairball and I can't recollect him chewing up something he shouldn't have lately.

So we restarted him on his anti-gas and anti-gas producing bacteria antibiotic (he had just stopped his course of treatment on those the day before his follow-up).  She also started him up on a med that will cause his digestive tract to move a little more (we were unable to do this one the first time because she wasn't convinced there wasn't a blockage somewhere). Also, I had stopped with the Critical Care syringe feeding because his interest in food was high and Mario is just not cooperative with the syringe feeding.  But I've been scolded gently and told I am to continue with the Critical Care until everything is 100% normal.  I am a little dubious he'll ever eat his normal volume of food when I'm stuffing him with Critical Care, but the vet seems convinced it will happen.

So that is where we are now.  Still not out of the woods :(  The good news is that his personality is pretty normal so that keeps me from worrying about him all hours of the day vs. a couple here and there.

I'm getting better at the bunny-burrito to feed Mario and figured out if I hold him up like a baby the stuff goes down a little easier.  He's a smart little rabbit, though, and if he can do it, will tuck his nose into the burrito to try to hide.

Mario wishes he were a turtle.

I won't steal Mario's Monday thunder with any race stuff today. Tune back in tomorrow for that.


d. moll, said...

some bunnies will just eat Critical Care (not syringe fed) I tihnk 99% of bunnies are not cooperative with syringe feeding

Rabbits' Guy said...

We use Nutri Cal, but I don't think it is any easier!

Keep at it .. Mario is a sweetie.

Now and again we have gotten a small pack of timothy hay at a good farm/pet store because our guys usually just eat from a bale of local grass hay and they will eat the timothy like candy!! But is is too expensive, and probably too rich, for all the time.

Oh, and nose-rubs. Nose-rubs work good!

The Fab Furs said...

It really is too bad that such a cute picture has to come at the expense of having a bunny on Critical Care.

bunnygirl said...

Poor little sweetie. Mario makes an adorable burrito but I'd rather he be 100% healthy instead. Did the doc say anything about papaya or pineapple to help break up whatever is going on in his tummy?

Eat your Critical Care, Mario!

cliff said...

i got good at using a syringe for cat meds. not sure how much you have to feed w/ the critical care, but if it's not too much, i just shoved the syringe deep into his mouth and squirted... but do it in a room where there aren't any hard to reach hiding spots. does he like the flavor at least?

how was the IV experience?