Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Mario

Boyfriend made some fresh squeezed orange juice the other night and strained out the pulp. I let Mario eat the pulp as a treat.

It didn't lead to any new culinary makeup photos, but it gave us an awesome bunny tongue shot:

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? I think Mario can :)

As a follow-up to my Friday post, I have been running and it is going pretty good. I am experimenting with what type of support system I want to use on my ankle when I am running. I've tried various tape and brace combos and hopefully I will hit a winner soon. My ankle hasn't hurt at all during any run, but my foot has been achy due to either a tight tape job or the brace. So I really want to figure something out. I have to say I have lost a ton of fitness. My heart is racing at slow paces and I'm breathing like I'm doing a tempo run.

I have to admit I haven't yet dropped down to the 9 mile distance at Big Sur. I've got a couple more days to make a decision. Completing 9 miles won't be a problem. I moved my body a total of 7 miles yesterday. It is questionable whether I'll be in good enough shape to run 9 without taking walking breaks but I don't really care too much about that at this point. A part of me also wants to just do the marathon. It would be a looong day out there but I think I can make the cut-off time with a run/walk strategy.

The main reason I decided to give up the marathon a few weeks ago was because I didn't want to be tempted to run the last two weeks. I made it through and was patient and here I am. I sort of go back and forth about what I want to do. I'm sure the marathon won't be the most enjoyable experience, but I wouldn't be an endurance runner if I didn't embrace that aspect of running. Another part of me says I should just do the 9 mile race and refocus on future goals I've set for the rest of the year. Decisions, decisions...


Hef's Mom said...

Nice shot! Sombody I must whip up something tasty to tempt Hef to let me take a togue photo.

Rosa said...

All my rabbits are/where crazy about oranges and orange juice, they even steal it from out of your glass!

We made a movie about Troy drinking orange juice, here it is:


FrecklesandDeb said...

Mario seems to love that orange pulp! Gotta love a little bunny tongue picture!

I wanted to share that I just posted our Final Adventure on Freckles and Deb. Hope you'll stop by and leave a comment.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mario is indeed double jointed in the tongue!

26 miles along Big Sur ... tra la la!

Go for it - it will be a pretty place and just a long exercise-filled day! (Unless of course it snows or is cold, raw, and windy - in which case it was not my idea.)

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely bunny tongue!

Big Sur must be a wonderful place to run, I'd be so tempted though to give up and just admire the views (I visited Big Sur many years ago on a family holiday)