Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I'm trying to decide whether I should do the United States Air Force Marathon or the Akron Marathon in September. My dad is retired USAF and I'd love to run the marathon and give him my medal. If I do that race, I'd probably make it an A-race and try to PR.

Akron has a super cute jacket this year:

I mean really, it has much more awesomeness to it than the solid red one last year.

I sort of convinced Audrey to run Akron this year since she is from Ohio. I'd love to get that jacket and go back to my favorite marathon of 2010. I wouldn't choose Akron as an A-race since the course is a tad more challenging than I'd like for that sort of a thing. I'd like a little redemption for my 4:45 finish last year, though.

The bad news: Akron and Air Force are one week apart. And they are both in Ohio (I say this as a negative thing because who wants to travel back to the same state twice in two weeks -- nothing against Ohio in particular).

Air Force is first so I could A-race it and run Akron a week later (whether or not I'd be in any shape to beat 4:45 remains murky).

Thoughts? I could just run Air Force next year, but I've sort of got my heart set on doing it this year. Not sure why. Besides soliciting input for this decision, I'm writing about this for a different reason.

Boyfriend and I had "Seinfeld" on in the background tonight. I was telling Boyfriend how I could possibly fly out to Ohio one weekend, come back to California, then fly back to Akron the next weekend. As soon as I said this, Elaine on the tv said: "Ohio?!" Boyfriend and I looked at each other. Then Jerry said, "You're flying out to Akron just to zing somebody?" I haven't decided if this means I should go for both of them, or just one of them (and in that case which one?!).


audgepodge said...

The blog title should be "OHIO!!!! :) :) :)"

That's what you meant, right?

OK, yes, you did convince me to run Akron. I had briefly considered it before but never thought of it seriously until you described it so lovingly with twinkles in your eyes.

But I don't want lil ole me to factor into your decision at all - I mean, it's not like we can run together (hello speedy queen!) and I'll be staying with my family (you can too tho!) - so if you really want to for yourself, then by all means, let's rock Ohio!!! (LOL) But I'm totally OK running on my own.

I do love the Air Force Marathon idea - especially with your dad and all. Plus it would be conquering a new race.

OMG, how hilarious that Seinfeld was chiming into your OH discussion!!! So you definitely have to go to at least one of them.

Nicole said...

I say Akron it is!!! :)

Lisa said...

What an ODD coincidence!! must mean something, but what?

That is a pretty sweet jacket. I would say why not make a vacation out of it but I've never been to Ohio, not sure whether there's much to do there for a whole week in the middle of winter?

Mica said...

I'd run a race for that jacket. It's pretty awesome-looking. And Audrey is awesome-looking too.

Aron said...

Um that jacket is AWESOME. They really need to leave out the K :)

the dawn said...

i LOVE the Seinfeld story!!! not sure what it means....but i do love that jacket. i might run a race just for that. tough decision...

since you're you, i know you could totally run both. but that's a lot of traveling to a pretty random state...

Average A said...

So funny about Seinfeld!

I'll get you that Brooks jacket. :P Run the race for your dad.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Let's see .. 1st prize is a trip to Ohio. 2nd prize is two trips to Ohio - oh no, wait, that is Pittsburg!

BL was just telling me that September is one of the nicest months in San Francisco.

I've been to Dayton often. Good sights and scenes - don't know about Akron.

Run for your Dad - that's my vote. Cute and awsome don't count nearly as much.

EndorphinBuzz said...

Why don't you stay the week in Ohio? The jacket is nice, I would totally run a race for the swag!

Anonymous said...

definitely do the air force race if they have the jacket in your size (can you check?).

who the heck wants to spend a week in ohio? what the heck is in akron (let alone ohio)? i don't even wanna waste my time looking it up on the internet!

i'll just sign off as anonymous, so no one will hate me. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Alisa said...

I kinda love that you get a jacket for this race! I've never been to Ohio.

I think you should pick an A race and go for it though. I bet you're over running races just to run races =).