Friday, July 29, 2011

If It's Not One Thing....; Week 8

Sunday:  10 miles @ 9:21 pace;  I have decided to make Sundays my "Speed Play" days. Tuesday has always been formal speed day on my current training plan (changing between tempo runs and mile repeats week to week).  I am trying to elevate my running a notch so have been trying to incorporate more quality running.  I figure I'll mix and match from hill repeats, fartleks, and marathon-pace miles.

This Sunday I did 10x30 second pick-ups w/30 second recoveries, one "easy" Strawberry Hill ascent, and finished it all off with 2.88 miles of MP (8:51).  I sort of like the idea of doing short, fast, hard efforts and finishing off with MP miles to learn what that pace feels like on tired legs.

Tuesday:  10 miles, including 8 miles @ 8:28 pace;  This is the hardest workout I ever do on my current plan.  Eight miles is a long way to go at an aggressive pace.  I tried to look at it in chunks but got a little psyched out mentally before the run even started.  I could feel some deep fatigue in my legs from the get-go and had to work harder to keep my pace (my goal was sub-8:30).  I didn't hit the same tempo pace I did the last two weeks, but given my harder workouts lately I am really happy with this run.

Wednesday:  8 miles @ 9:48; My legs were super dead this morning.  Super dead.  I guess all those faster miles caught up with me.  It was pretty much all I could do to keep running, but I still managed to keep up my normal recovery pace.  I love how these long recovery runs the day after hard workouts teaches my mind that I can run a fairly long time on tired legs.  I find it amazing every Wednesday morning how they feel so heavy but just keep trucking.

Friday:  Well, I've had some strange, niggling issues in my left leg for a few weeks which are at the point I realize they aren't just going to go away.  I probably could have gone out and run my 20 miles today but I decided to play it smart and take the day off.  I'm postponing the 20 until Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Pushing the long run out a few days did miracles for my recent calf issue, so I'm hoping it will do the same for this quad thing.  It is hard for me to do stuff like this, but I'm trying to save a few weeks of quality running by sacrificing a few days of it now.  RG mentioned how it was nice I was getting faster and not getting injured.  Not true, I'm always dealing with this or that.  I feel like I've always got something bugging me, and once one thing heals another thing flares up.  Boo.  I've got an appointment with a sports chiro today and will probably start seeing someone regularly for maintenance down the road.

I took a photography workshop last week.  This was one of the photos up on the wall that the teacher had snapped.  I was mesmerized by the darn thing.  Something about it made me want to jump right into the picture and go for a run.  It was for sale.  $1200.  Boyfriend says I can snap my own foggy shot somewhere.

I have a question for everyone:  I am planning on taking part in an indoor marathon in January.  You basically run a kazillion laps around an indoor track until you run 26.2 miles.  I know it sounds like torture, but these events get RAVE reviews. Supposedly they are tons of fun because you see all the other runners and you get a cheering section every single lap (plus an aid station and bathroom every lap, too!).  So my dilemma is this:  The event I am looking at has the marathon on Sunday and also a half marathon on Saturday.  Just like the Goofy Challenge you run the half Saturday, the full Sunday, and you get a third medal for doing them both.

Initially I was all in for this Gold Challenge of a half and a full.  But I am starting to have some reservations.  I'm sure the full will be fun, but I'm not 100% sure doing a half AND a full on an indoor track would be quite as exciting.  At Goofy you get to run through the parks which I adore so that makes me pumped to run two days in a row.  I'm not sure an indoor track has that sort of allure.  At the same time, I'm flying my butt to Wisconsin and there won't be much else to do except run these races.  And I'm not planning on setting any PR's at any event so what's an extra 13.1?  On the other hand, I've done the Goofy Challenge three times so not sure there is anything to accomplish or prove to myself here.

Registration opens soon so I have to make up my mind pronto.  Any input?


naomi said...

I laughed outloud at E's comment about the foggy photo :)

I have run 13+ miles on an outdoor track before and it is not bad at all. I'm not sure if indoors is much difference, but I think if you just zone out, it's doable. And the nice thing was I didn't have to carry anything with me, I just had my drink and gels set on the side. I think you'll also run it faster since there are not bumps in the road to avoid.

bunnygirl said...

Do you get to alternate direction? You could be setting yourself up for ITB issues, otherwise.

Good luck with the sports chiro. I've been going to one for several weeks now, and although I feel much better, I still can't run. :-(

Layla said...

I love that photo! I've always adored road photos, because they give me the same feeling of almost being able to climb inside the picture and see where the road goes.

My first thought on the indoor race was the same as bunnygirl's: Can you change directions? For me, even running a half marathon on an indoor track would be pretty badass, so a full is in "crazy" zones in my book. Knowing you, though, I bet you could do both. :-)

Rabbits' Guy said...

48 miles or more a week might be too much. Perhaps a long slow run (20 - 22 miles or so) and a couple shorter (6 - 8 miles) at fast pace is enough.

Sometime maybe you will enter a 10K and finish under 50 minutes - that is always a treat!

Now I hope I don't go put a foot in my mouth :<( said...

well, i'm ok with you doing that double as long as you end up going back to florida for the disney race(s) again. cause there is a 99% chance that i'll be running the disney marathon this year :)

cliff said...

you're just getting... OLD!!!! welcome to the club! =D

were all the positive reviews from people who live in wisconsin? i would think an event like that is exciting for people who live there.

Rachel said...

ooohhhh i've had my eye on an indoor marathon, too! only i've been looking at zoom yah! yah!. if it were me, my reservations about doing both wouldn't be for the distance but rather the nature of them (aka laps on a track). i know these things get rave reviews, so i feel like for me, doing the half first would sort of be a buzz kill for the full marathon. no doubt you could physically knock out both easily, but for the experience i'd probably just opt for the full. either way, can't wait to hear all about it!

it's joan said...

i read about this one and I think it could be fun seeing everyone again and again and again. Heck...if you are flying to Wisconsin, go big of go home. Do both! If you are ever inclined, there is one in FL called the Savage 7. Yes...7 marathons around a track in 7 days.