Friday, December 4, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

I went on my last run of the CIM training cycle this morning. Three miles, easy, over a relatively flat route. Every marathon training cycle, somewhere towards the end, I do something incredibly dorky. I look at my legs and think in awe, "There is a marathon in these legs." (I don't say it out loud, though, 'cause that would be just strange) I am always amazed at how following a training plan gets you ready to run 26.2 miles. There are 26.2 miles locked and loaded in these legs. Incredible.

This time around I'm hoping that there is a fast marathon in them.

The race this Sunday is shaping up to be everything I've ever hoped for in a marathon. Great training cycle, fast course, cold weather (currently low of 32!, high of 54).

As I explained before, I used the exact same training plan for CIM that I used for SFM. The CIM plan was a little truncated because SJ Half training cut into the first few weeks of the plan. I know I haven't been breaking down a week by week report this time around, so I'll do a little comparison to explain my goals for this race:

San Francisco Marathon long runs:
18 miles @ 11:09 pace
20 miles @ 10:55
16 miles @ 10:44
20 miles @ 10:50
16 miles @ 11:16
20 miles @ 10:38

CIM long runs:
17 mile @ 10:18
20 miles @ 10:04
16 miles @ 9:55
22 miles @ 10:15

SFM tempo runs:
7 miles with 5 mi @ 9:44
8 miles with 6 mi @ 9:41
9 miles with 7 mi @ 9:46
10 miles with 8 mi @ 9:27
10 miles with 7 mi @ 9:29
7 miles with 5 mi @ 9:22
6 miles with 4 mi @ 9:27

CIM tempo runs:
9 miles with 7 mi @ 9:07
10 miles with 8 mi @ 8:59
10 miles with 7 mi @ 8:58
7 miles with 5 mi @ 8:50
6 miles with 4 mi @ 8:49

This trend continues with all the easy runs, too. For example:
SFM last 3 miler before race: 10:45 pace
CIM last 3 miler before race: 9:55 pace

That said, here are my goals for the race:
Goal 1: PR. 4:27:21
Goal 2: Sub 10:00 pace (4:21:33) <-- my number one goal for this race
Goal 3: 4:16:11 (one hour off my first ever marathon), 9:46 pace
Goal 4: 4:15:00 -- has a nice round feeling to it :), 9:43 pace
Point of interest: I will regret posting this, but according to my training plan, I should be going for a 9:26 pace race which is a 4:07:47! With the exception of two 1600 repeat workouts I have actually run faster for pretty much every run than what my plan specified. So you'd think it would be possible, but I'm pretty much ruling out the possibility of this happening.

This marathon really snuck up on me. I enjoyed the training so much and never started to resent the high mileage weeks. Because of that, it actually doesn't feel like I worked hard for this marathon. But looking back, I really did. I know I am capable of PR'ing this weekend. What I don't know is if everything will fall into place for me this weekend. It may or may not and there may be little I can actually do to control some of that. But I'm excited for this race and I am excited to give it my best effort.

There are LOTS of other blogger/twitter runners doing CIM this weekend. Good luck, everyone!


Chic Runner said...

You will totally rock the 4:07 girl. BELIEVE in yourself. You got it in those legs. Just tick down the miles and before you know it you'll be at the finish! :) Can't wait to see you and if you see me on the side of the road crying, pick me up and take me with you! :) xoxo

Alisa said...

You got a PR in you for SURE! If you PR'd in SF with the hills CIM will be a dream. There are some rollers (so I've heard and I did grow up there) but nothing like SF.

Can't wait to hear all about how you rocked your training.

I plan to use a RW plan for my next training cycle, your improvement has given me hope in using one of their plans.

Nicole said...

Your going to ROCK it girl! You got it! Kick some serious butt sunday! I can't wait to meet you! It will be fun having so many people out there running 'together'! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

you've got the PR in the bag and I have a good feeling that you'll be surprised by yourself come race day :) You've worked very hard and I'd like it if we both PR'd again a the same race..hehe :D

aron said...

you are going to dominate out there, i have no doubt :) its a great course and a fast one. we have the cold weather on our side too :) go out there and get that HUGE PR!!!

Kristen said...

You will totally PR!! Everything is on your side this race - great training, good weather, a "flatish" course. Yay!!

Thanks again so much for saving me! See you soon!

bunnygirl said...

You're going to have a great race! Don't forget to have fun!

Kristi said...

Looks like you've done all the work! Now just get out there and have fun and you'll be at a PR before you know it!

Rabbits' Guy said...

I'm going for something between Goal 2 and Goal 3. I think you can usually run a race a bit faster than your training paces.

Especially if you watch your early pace and don't go way faster early.

Good luck ... we await the report!

Xavi Garcia said...

Of will do your PR!!!just keep focused!

Go for it!!

"XTB" Xavi from Hong Kong!

Marci said...

Hope to see you out there tomorrow. I am bib 1081!! Good luck.

Mica said...

You're probably lining up for the race as I write this.

Good luck!

Southbay Girl said...

you got 4:17 and change.....would that be a PR for you chica???? WOOT!!! Way to rock a cold marathon!! Mario will be so proud of his mommy!!

EndorphinBuzz said...

I hope you got your PR!

Marlene said...

Look at the difference in those paces! I hope it all paid off yesterday.

Will Mario be giving us the news soon? :)