Friday, August 22, 2008

I've Got Good News & Bad News...

Which do you want to hear first? I tend to prefer the bad news first so here it goes...

If you remember a few months ago I was talking about Clif Shot Bloks and how I love them and how I really loved how Runners' Feet sold them for the insane price of $1.00 a bag. Today I was down in Burlingame to get a bridesmaid dress fitted and stopped by Runners' Feet to get Boyfriend some more Gu (because they sell Gu's for $1.00, too!). I'm running low on my favorite flavor of Blok, Cran-Razz, so also figured I'd stock up while I was there.

As I pulled up I saw some fluorescent signs and made out the words which made my heart sink. "Store Closing." What?! Where will I buy my chewy goodness so cheap?! Even worse, they were ALREADY OUT OF SHOT BLOKS!! They guy at the store said it was their first food item to sell-out. [Big Sad Face]. Everything in the store was already marked down and had an additional 15% off. There were Gu's left so bought a bunch of those and also stocked up on Powerbars (all only $0.77 each). So, I feel a little abandoned and sad now and am not sure where I will get my little Bloks in the future.

I knew I should have bought CASES of them when I had the chance.

The good news is I went for 2.5 mi run today and had a 99.9% pain-free run. There were a few moments where I knew something was up, but overall it went very well. And the best part is my leg is still pain-free post run!

I struggled a little today, though. I'm not one of those people who retain fitness and endurance if I'm inactive. If I stop running I start all over again when I start back up. I'm not sure what type of mileage I'm going to try to accomplish this coming week, but in about a week I need to be able to complete a 13.1 mi course. I once ran a half marathon when my longest run for the past 4 weeks had been 6 miles (when I say longest, this implies that I was running on other days during the week). I learned a valuable lesson. I've run about 2.5 miles twice in the past two weeks. I don't want to know what kind of a lesson I'm going to learn at Disneyland.

I was really looking forward to having a great run at Disney. I figured the distance wouldn't be daunting and it would be a really fun training run which would fly by with all of the distractions. Now I'm a little worried it will turn into a death march.

Just so you know that Mario really does have a front half/face (he's been a little truncated the last couple of posts), here is a headshot:
And yes, he is sitting on something.


bunnygirl said...

That sucks about the shop closing. I always hate it when that happens.

As for your half-marathon, go to and order some kinesio tape and a taping manual. Follow the instructions and diagrams for doing a shin splint tape. You'll be fine. Kinesio is used by world-class athletes like Lance Armstrong and various Olympians. I know it will work for you.

losangelesdaze said...

Mario is so cute! He's quite a character. I want to get a bunny...are they messy?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Howdy Mario!!!

Good luck at Disney Land ... sounds like a little bit of run and little bit of walk and so on ... no sense getting hurt worse.

RoadBunner said...

Bunnygirl: I am intrigued by the kinesio tape. I read some great things about it a while back when I had a sprained ankle. I don't think I'll get around to securing everything in time for this half, though.

LADaze: Bunnies are pretty clean animals. Like cats they clean themselves so the actual rabbit never smells. They can be litterbox trained very easily, too. Check out the House Rabbit Society link on my page for lots of info.

R-Guy: Thanks! I will be running & walking for sure. Shin aside, my endurance is not up to par with running a half right now. I'll be taking lots of pictures and will have a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. too bad about the store closing down :( I don't think I've ever seen Shot Bloks here, but they sound delicious..

Mario, I love your little moustach-io!